17 States Sue TIME Magazine To Make Trump Person of the Year

Texas is leading the charge again to ensure that poor, bullied Donald Trump, the innocent victim of harassment and abuse unlike any other in history, isn’t robbed of yet another honor he didn’t earn.

TIME Magazine released its pick for “Person of the Year,” and without consulting the White House, Rudy Giuliani, Ken Paxton, or James Woods, declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winners.

Psychologists say that any normal person would have crumbled by now under the pressure of being treated so unfairly all the time, but not Donald Trump. Even with this new revelation, he continues to tweet about his great win, praising God and his supporters for all their hard work, and for the tens of millions of dollars for him to drain from his new leadership PAC.

16 other states that voted for Donald Trump are joining the fight to have him named Person of the Year, claiming that their right to read a quality issue of TIME loaded with page after page of Trump’s sick burns and killer insults; a chronological adaptation of owning the libs, is being infringed.

The Supreme is set to hear the case sometime next week. Trump is expected to make a personal statement to the court and may stomp his feet if necessary.

TIME hasn’t responded, opting instead to send a framed print of the 1st Amendment to the West Wing “because they seem to have lost theirs.”



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