Ilhan Omar Gave $50000 Of Taxpayer Money To Al Qeada

The truth is right in front of you

A White House audit of government spending has revealed something truly startling – and almost certainly criminal – about Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. A $50000 contract was noted for a “a Engineering Study Re: Infrastructure Expansion In Minneapolis”. That on its own is not remarkable in any way but the name attached to the contract – the receiver of the funds – got alarm bells ringing immediately.

Al Qeada.

That’s right. Ilhan Omar made a payment of taxpayer money in the amount of $50K for what she tried to disguise as an engineering report. She didn’t even change the name. That’s how bold and uncaring this woman is.

Prior to the Trump Presidency, this would have gone unnoticed. Representatives were given the trust of the White House without question. One of Trump’s first acts, thankfully, was to create a mandatory auditing procedure that looked into all expenditures in attempt to eliminate waste and spot corruption. The audits themselves have been criticized as wasteful by many but this discovery alone should silence all the naysayers.  A traitor has been caught.

Republican Lindsay Graham, who supported the audits from the beginning was elated and enraged by the find:

“This proves what we’ve said all along. The democrats are corrupt. The democrats are traitors. Omar is just the first. You’ll see.”

File photo of Al Qeada from the Minneapolis Star.

Our own investigation found Al Qeada right in the Twin Cities where he runs a successful engineering and planning firm. Mr. Qeada provided us this written statement:

“My firm was contracted by Mrs. Omar to provide an engineering analysis to determine whether a planned infrastructure expansion in Minneapolis was feasible. The work was completed on time and under budget and the plans for the city received an absolute go-ahead from us.

We sure hope it happens! It’s a great plan!”

An actual admission of guilt from Al Qeada. Charges to Omar should be brought about soon. And we will finally be rid of her.