AOC’s District Approval Rating Is The Lowest In The Country

She’s crazy, she’s dumb, she’s uneducated, and she can mix drinks. She’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she’s a member of congress.

How she got to that position is anyone’s guess. Maybe she cheated, maybe she had no opposition, maybe the voters in her district are even dumber than she is. Whatever the case, she made it into House of Representatives and we’ve been forced to put up with her.

But probably not for too much longer.

The summer approval rating polls have been taken for government officials across the country and AOC did not fare well. With only 14% of those in her riding indicating that they “strongly approve” of her work thus far, Cortez ranked dead last in approvals of all officials in the nation. And not once in history since this traditional polling began, has the poor soul who sits last been reelected to another term. Never.

Of the remaining numbers, 5% “approved”, 5% “disapproved”, 9% “strongly disapproved”, and 67% declined to answer. But it’s that meager 14% number for those that actually like her that stands out from the rest. Such a low standing is almost unprecedented.

So it would seem that Ocasio-Cortez is in her last year of her first term in office. Thank the lord we won’t have to deal with her derp any longer. She’s exhausting.