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An experienced divorce attorney at our law firm can help you fight for a fair division of assets, an alimony settlement, or child support, or child custody and parenting time issues as part of legal representation for a divorce in Arizona.


The court does not charge a fee for filing a petition for an injunction against harassment.

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Forms related to filing a petition against harassment are available at the following locations. Under Arizona law A. A single incident does not constitute legal harassment.

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Fees for service of process may be deferred or waived as allowed by law, except that if the injunction against harassment arises out of a dating relationship, there is no charge for service of process. The injunction is effective on the defendant when defendant is served the copy of the injunction and petition, and the injunction expires one year after service. A copy of the petition and the injunction must be served on the defendant within one year from the date the injunction is ed or it will expire.

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Please take a couple of minutes to fill out our survey. I just helped my mother, age 89, deal with her Medicare HMO. He told me that I could actually get all the money I needed by using my home as collateral. Route 12 Highway P. Box Window Rock, AZ A court ed an Injunction Against Harrassment to protect me from my ex-boyfriend but I cannot afford to pay a process server to have the injunction served on him.

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Otherwise, the fee for service of process is due in advance of the service of process. Looking for court forms or information about representing yourself in a court case?

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Answer: An injunction against harassment and an order of protection are two options that a victim of domestic violence may pursue for protection. He is still harrassing me but leaves before the police arrive. While there is some overlap in the laws, there are differences between the two options and it is important to understand what those are.

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Question: A court ed an Injunction Against Harrassment to protect me from my ex-boyfriend but I cannot afford to pay a process server to have the injunction served on him. State Bar of Arizona www.

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What should I do? In addition, the alleged victim will have to show only that the conduct of the respondent falls within the definition of 'domestic violence' as defined by A. The law allows an order of protection to be granted, even if there has been only a single act of domestic violence committed. No recurring violence is required to obtain this order. They are not available for download but may be picked up at the Self-Service Centers located in the Maricopa County courthouses, Superior Court of Arizona, at:.


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Click below or call to check eligibility. Let us know how we are doing! A key difference between an order of protection and an injunction against harassment is the relationship between the person doing the harassing and the alleged victim; if the dating relationship does not fall within one of those listed above, an injunction against harassment may be the only option.

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The series of acts: Can be spread over a long or short period of time; and Must be directed at the alleged victim; and Must seriously alarm, annoy, or harass the alleged victim without serving a legitimate purpose; and Must be such as would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress; and Must actually cause the alleged victim to suffer substantial emotional distress. The series of acts:. To get an order of protection, there must be a close relationship between the alleged victim and the person committing the violent acts called the respondent in the law such as a spouse, former spouse, person of the same or opposite sex with whom the alleged victim lives or lived, person with whom the alleged victim is expectingor with whom there is in common, or the alleged victim's relative.

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We are a criminal defense firm taking on domestic violence matters.


Discovery is the process that allows the Defendant to review and exchange evidence with the Prosecutor.


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