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The event is free and open to the public. Mamie recorded the final score each year in her diary. Conservation Savvy: From Expert to DIY November 7—9, We all have treasured objects in our possession—whether they are personal belongings passed down from loved ones, or priceless museum artifacts. Ida and Mamie shopped for new styles well ahead of the season. Come for a unique chance to see the museum at night at our eggnog evening!

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From birth to death and all the phases between, tradition kept their world intact. Knowing for certain how to show proper respect for the deceased was reassuring to the bereaved and took away the need for difficult decisions. We all have treasured objects in our possession—whether they are personal belongings passed down from loved ones, or priceless museum artifacts. Read the full September issue of Viewpoints.

In addition to being spotlessly clean, guest bedrooms were supplied with thoughtful little extras, such as a basket of fruit, reading material, and a water carafe and drinking glass on the bedside table. Register with a credit card online at the links below, or by check by clicking here. Call for details. Many mourners ordered black-bordered stationery and some even had their jewelry reset in jet.

Ida and W. McFaddin had their children christened as babies, and their grandchildren were baptized as well, often photographed wearing long white christening gowns. After Ida died in March ofMamie stayed out of the social loop for well over a year.

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Tradition, handed down through generations, provided comforting parameters. A flurry of activity followed, to make the clothes ready for wearing. Etiquette books delineated a specific dress code for mourners: a woman dressed all in black for a year and a half after losing a husband; one year for a parent or child; six months for a sibling. Keynote speaker, Dr. Karen Pope.

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Even ever-changing fashion operated within social restraints. Death invoked a of traditions, some quite complicated. After the meal ended, the adults retired to the library, where the women sat and chatted and the men stretched out on the floor for a short snooze. Conservation Savvy: From Expert to DIY has been deed to teach proper techniques for collections care through presentations, site visits, and panel discussions.

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The event is free and open to everyone! In what seems odd today but was common in the s and s, the thoughtful hostess offered cigarettes after dinner to her guests. Have your photo taken in the museum! Cyclists: Bring your bikes and a casual group to ride around town to view Christmas lights, ending at the McFaddin-Ward House Museum for eggnog and a tour. Start at the visitor center for tasty treats and eggnog then stroll over to the house for a self-guided tour. You are invited to our free family photo day, Sunday, November 10, from noon to 3 p.

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The registration fee includes access to all conference programming and panel discussions, workshops, site visit and all meals, which include:. During the mourning period, the bereaved could attend church and small social functions but nothing large or frivolous, such as a ball.

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Men wore a black armband. Wilson recalled that the dining room often rang with lively discussions sometimes even arguments and uproarious laughter. us at the McFaddin-Ward House Conference where we will present a panel of experts to address common conservation conundrums to help you ensure that your belongings and artifacts are conserved for the next generation to enjoy.

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AsMamie learned how to shop from her mother. Ida and Mamie even purchased specially-deed Dresden cigarette servers that matched their extensive Dresden dinner service. Be sure to save the dates, November 7 — 9, for solutions to your conservation challenges-no matter your budget size! Then the ladies returned to town to the Fashion or White House to find any needed accessories to complete their wardrobe.

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On her way to visit family in Huntington, West Virginia, Ida would stop in Cincinnati and choose style and fabric; then on her way back to Beaumont would stop in for her final fitting. Please register by November 1, To register, submit your information at the link below. Bring your own camera, and our museum staff photographer will take the photo for you.

With expertise especially in the art of Europe and America in the 19th and 20th centuries, she makes art history accessible and enjoyable for audiences of all levels.

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Then followed a state of half-mourning and she could wear lavender, gray or white. Tradition always accompanied the momentous occasions of birth and death. At that time, there were only a few brands of cigarettes, and no choice as to variety, such as filter or menthol.

The event will be held in Beaumont, Texas from November Registration is now open.

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Proper care for these items present many challenges, ranging from a lack of resources to a lack of expertise. In contrast, other McFaddin family meal traditions were much less structured and dignified. One day only! us for our upcoming conference to learn the basics of conservation, from doing it yourself to hiring the best in the business.

Contact the hotel for reservations at We are pleased to announce Dr. Pope is a popular lecturer in and around Austin on diverse topics.

Call for more details. The butler or maid brought in the food and served each diner individually, leaving no large dishes on the table. Both the Caldwell and McFaddin families observed the custom of placing the deceased in a bedroom for visitation, fully dressed but partly under the covers, a ritual dating from a time before funeral homes with special viewing rooms were available. Their careful seasonal planning always guaranteed that they had the proper ensemble.

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All visitors must register in the visitor center at Calder Ave. Note: No professional photography or spiked heels. A seamstress came by to let seams in or out, raise or lower hems. Tradition remained integral to the most important events of their lives and provided a comfortable continuity; what Ida McFaddin had learned from her mother, she passed on to her daughter Mamie McFaddin Ward.

The twentieth century brought rapid and radical change for the world. The streets are open to normal traffic flow, so please ride with caution and obey all traffic laws ride at your own risk.

Ida planned and ordered meals at the McFaddin home. They were really works of art. Dresses could be long or short, hat styles large or small, but a properly-clothed woman left her home wearing a skirt or dress, not pants, and always with her hat and gloves.

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The McFaddins and Wards could find stability in these uncertain, sometimes unsettling times through their traditions. Ida and Mamie made elaborate preparations for visits from family and friends, planning numerous large events—parties and outings—yet never forgot small details.

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The world as we know it seemingly came to a screeching halt, and virtually every industry was sent into a tailspin.