Ben Shapiro Denied, Not Tall Enough To Ride

The truth is right in front of you

Political pundit, Ben Shapiro, met his match today in Anaheim at the hands of 6 year old girl.

When he arrived at Disneyland, Ben was psyched. His mommy and daddy finally took him to the Happiest Place on Earth!

“OK, this is EPIC!” he shouted as he ran toward the rides. He ran straight to the Matterhorn; it was always his dream to go on this ride. While in line, he got to talking with little Becky Travers, who was equally excited. They chatted back and forth about how much fun they were going to have, laughing, giggling, jumping up and down for joy. But then Becky said something disturbing to widdle Benny.

“I don’t think you’re tall enough to get on this ride.”

“Am too!” he replied.

“Nuh uh. Look at the sign. You have to be that tall. You’re too little.”

“Am not! I’m getting on the Matterhorn! Mom said!”

These two anti-Semitic leftists pointed and laughed at Benny as he was led away.

They went back and forth like this until they got to the front of the line. Becky jumped up to the measuring post – just made it. Benny, unfortunately, did not.

“I told you Benny,” said Becky with mockery on her face. She laughed at him.

“THIS IS CRAP!” he screamed at the ride attendant, as he lay on the ground pounding his fists. “I WANNA RIDE THE MATTERHORN!”

But the attendant refused to budge from the rules.

“See this sign, Shapiro? You are waaaaaay too small. It’s right there. Facts don’t care about you feelings.”

Shapiro pooped his pants in protest as his mom apologized to staff.

As widdle Benny was forcibly led away from the ride by his mommy, he was heard to scream again.


That’s right, Benny. You were DESTROYED by Disneyland.