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But, of course, dating can also be rewarding: the reward of feeling sparks with someone new, the reward of falling in love and the reward of never having to swipe on a dating app again. Meet Michael, an Aussie with a penchant for adventure, and Denise, a native San Diegan who prides herself on being easygoing and able to go with the flow. They have just met up in an Epic Limo that will take them to the circus — or rather, to Trapeze High, a training facility in northern Escondido that welcomes flyers of all ages and skill levels to try their hand at the flying trapeze. So grab your cotton candy and peanuts, dear readers, because the greatest date on earth is about to begin.


The project was approved by the Planning Commission on July 14, and the project is now under construction. The City Council approved this project on December 13, and the project is now under construction. Only after these items are reviewed and staff comments fully addressed will the project be scheduled for public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council. City Council approved the project on March 4, and a map extension was approved by the Planning Commission on April 18, The first seven homes are now under construction.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with fentanyl abuse or drug abuse, please call the National Drug Helpline at Motorcycle riders are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than vehicle occupants. The project is still in the entitlement phase. Valley Parkway - A 3, square foot drive-through restaurant located on the east side of the southbound off-ramp on W. Valley Parkway. In the short term, the current budget recovers from COVID and addresses two ificant public issues, traffic safety and homelessness. Hale Avenue - A vending machine car dealership, consisting of 5, square feet within an eight-tier glass and steel tower structure up to 75 feet in height.

The applicant is processing a CUP for the full scope of improvements to make changes to the of rooms and other associated site improvements. The annexation will be processed as a new specific plan. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine but is 50 to times more potent. The Police Department heard his story and provided a new bike to get him back on track to get to work.


See below for milestone activities that have happened since last week. This is an important piece of the City's holistic approach to working with community partners to address the underlying causes of homelessness. Quince Street - The five-story affordable senior housing apartment project was submitted on November 21, The City Council approved the project on October 23, The next blind date Escondido CA for the project's implementation involves the submission of and approval grading, landscaping, street improvement, and building plans.

A public hearing has been scheduled with the Zoning Administrator on May 25, Country Club Lane - A four-lot, light-industrial and medical office complex on approximately 45 acres of land, just northwest of the Palomar Medical Center. Rough grading of the site has been completed. Generally speaking, several remaining pieces of the project must be finalized before a staff recommendation can be developed and the project scheduled for the public hearing process.

Building plans were submitted on May 10, An approved lot, single-family residential subdivision on 3. The developer, Trumark, has nearly completed onsite water, storm drain and sewer utilities and is working on pedestrian ramps and sidewalks. It is a Schedule II prescription drug, and it is typically used to treat patients with severe pain or to manage pain after surgery.

San Diego Sheriff's Search and Rescue also responded with 26 volunteers to assist in the search. In spite of many positive economic developments, federal aid packages, and a robust vaccine rollout in recent months, COVID 19 negatively impacted revenue.

These improvements will increase the safety and functionality of some of our most-used park assets.

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The City Council approved the project at its May 12, meeting. Plus, an already difficult structural budget gap, and increasing pressure for City services, especially in traffic safety and homelessness worsens the problem. Model homes are now open to the public, and the contractor is now focusing on new home construction. Homelessness is a national, statewide, regional, and local challenge.

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Rough grading has been completed. During this time Country Club travel lanes will be realigned during working hours. The proposed budget provides the additional resources necessary to address this issue. Washington Avenue. On May 11, officers responded to a call from a motel clerk stating that a guest had not checked out of their room.

Blind date

Great job PD! Check out a video highlighting this donation here. The City recently created and reviewed a "Strategy for Addressing Homelessness" with the City Council to articulate and implement the best approaches for addressing community impacts while being sensitive to the importance of tackling underlying causes and helping people; however, the current staffing does not meet the City's needs to carry out the strategy and meet the demand for service.

Staff has recommended that the City Council approve the use of the one-time source of funds from the Successor Agency Redevelopment Loan repayment and funds from the Section Pension Trust Fund. Officers located a bag of fentanyl pills next to the individual.

The applicant resubmitted a second plan check with only a concept grading plan and draft specific plan included.

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The City completed its review of the project materials that were submitted and will be issuing a comment letter, regarding the completeness of the application i. The are below:. On May 10, the Police Department received a missing person report for an elderly woman with dementia who was reported missing from her residence. The project was approved by the City Council on August 23, The next step for the project's implementation involves the submission and approval of grading, landscaping, street improvement, and building plans.

Foundation work has started. The application was submitted on June 29, and the project is still in the entitlement phase. These include finalizing the environmental impact report, preparation of a development agreement, and a fire protection and evacuation plan for that area. The project was approved by the Planning Commission on November 13, and an extension of time was approved on September 12, The project is now under construction.

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The target date for the public hearings is late The project was approved by City Council on November 15, and the project is now under construction. The Operating Budget projects short-term revenue and expenditures related to providing day-to-day services. The City of Escondido's Annual Operating Budget is one of the most important tools in providing a City that is safe, clean, and run efficiently. This project was approved by City Council on February 10, On April 29,the applicant filed a de review package to address some of the project's conditions requiring architectural building de changes.

The former Coco's restaurant has been demolished and the contractor is beginning site preparation work. The remaining balance of proposed improvements will be considered in conjunction with the Conditional Use Permit and include measures to help assure services are provided to the Escondido population. A project web containing more detail, including draft documents and plans can be accessed at the following link:.

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City staff will complete its review and transmitted comments back to the applicant on May 20, The City also received demolition plans to remove the existing hospital from the premises. Skip to the bottom of this section for a list of projects that are in progress but do not have an update this week.

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In the long run, staff continues to recommend that the community consider a revenue measure to put Escondido's finances on a sound footing on a permanent basis. When a hard-working Escondido resident was hit on his bike by a car a few weeks ago, he lost his only mode of transportation to his job delivering meals to senior residents.

A Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies was instrumental in the overhead public announcements to help locate the individual.

October blind daters fly high on a daring date at trapeze high.

It is important to remember that these are one-time sources of money and don't solve the longer-term problem. It is anticipated that an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared for this project. On March 3,the City approved and issued a building permit for the first phase of improvements.

The proposed budget includes a strategy to improve traffic flow and safety throughout the City by providing the resources to improve the City's infrastructure, operate a responsive transportation system and address transportation safety. Curious what's happening with development projects around the city? Fortunately, the department had leftover Secret Santa money from the holidays, provided by a generous group of donors.

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You can watch the discussion of the preliminary budget hereand view the budget document here. Demolition of the old Talone's Meat Market has been completed.

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The City Council approved this project on May 11, and the project is now under construction. The City recently started construction on the remining six homes.

Blind date: leap of faith

The applicant is finalizing the de concept. The applicant has informed Development Services that they intend to re-submit the CUP application within the next couple of days. The contractor is performing the offsite utility work along Lambar Street. The work is expected to start in the coming weeks and is expected to last several months.

To help protect you and your family, keep the following tips in mind while driving or riding:. Palomar Heights Developer: Ninia Hammond, Integral Communities - An approved land use development application consisting of the demolition and redevelopment of the old Palomar Hospital site with multi-family units with 10, square feet of commercial. When officers arrived, they discovered that the hotel guest had overdosed on drugs. According to the most current Office of Traffic Safety data, in a category of 59 California cities of similar size, Escondido ranks 9th for fatal and injury crashes.

Inthere were motorcycle deaths on California ro. To learn about applications for residential and commercial development permits, please visit the Development Project Information Archive or contact the Planning Division. A separate capital improvement budget projects long-term revenue and expenditures for major projects such as ro, park improvements, and pipelines.

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