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Rese, from Atlanta, has a five-year-old son and is homeless when the film introduces him, later finding a home with his grandparents and exploring a relationship with a new girlfriend. Man Made follows four transgender male bodybuilders as they train for the TransFitCon. And Kennie, an Arkansas resident who is just beginning his transition, struggles to keep his relationship with his lesbian girlfriend, D.

Below, Cooper chats about what went into making the doc, telling trans stories that go beyond transition, and what he hopes viewers will take away from the film.


He spent the next three years crafting the feature-length documentary, Man Madewhich closes out the Atlanta Film Festival this Sunday. Mason, a Cleveland, Ohio, resident, regularly competes in mainstream bodybuilding competitions and credits the sport with saving his life.

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So I hope it comes across that these guys are just trying to live their bodybuilding dating Atlanta Ga, and yet even just living is being threatened. I wanted to show a degree view of their lives because I have a degree life.

Firefighters cook dinner for each other every night—but as a rookie in an Atlanta firehouse, I saw the limits of that intimacy. Log into your. But the rights of so many people are being attacked and rolled back, not just trans rights. Firefighters cook dinner for each other every night—but as a rookie in an Atlanta firehouse, I saw the limits of that intimacy July 30, The Village at Dunwoody aims to bring a central entertainment district to the area August 3, Tracking the long, strange trip of the Golden Ray April 28, Making this low-budget indie doc was about keeping the train on the tracks and thinking about how I was gonna stay alive so I could spend enough time with these guys.

He also searches for another piece of his own identity: the identity of his birth mother. Password recovery. What are some of the major things you hope people will take away from this film? Follow Us. Popular posts. Atlanta Magazine. I really wanted to tap into the talent that is here in Atlanta and the enthusiasm here. I was really lucky to find a local post house, Moonshine Post-Productionand an local editor, Charlene Fiskwho also was part of the film crew for the TransFitCon, so she had actually met and spent time with the subjects. To me, the trans [aspect] of [these stories] falls away precisely because the journeys the subjects in the film take are universal.

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Privacy and Cookies Policy. And it seems like many of the themes in the film are very universal—breaking up, finding your own identity and self-worth, learning about your heritage, finding love. And you did all the post-production for the film here as well.

See the film: Man Made has its world premiere on Sunday, April 22 at 9 p.

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I think these stories are more important now maybe than ever, especially with the trans movement. You mentioned that you wanted this story to show authentic trans lives beyond the transition story, which is a common narrative. I liked that idea of telling the stories of these men who happen to share a passion for fitness and bodybuilding and altering their bodies to look more like they want them, which is something we all do in a way.

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And I was excited to tell trans stories that are not all about transition. Keeping it local just made the film better—everyone believed in it in a very grassroots way. up. Stacey Abrams is an Emmy nominee and other Atlanta connections in the nominations.

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A new documentary shines The animal wrangler: Jamie Stimach on why raccoons make great costars. Forgot your password?

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Tell me more about the symbolism behind bodybuilding. in. Was that intimidating? Everything is about their transition and how it affects the people around them, often in an adverse way.

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The competition is based here and one of the main subjects is also from Atlanta. If I knew then [when I first started this project] what I know now, I probably would have been more intimidated because I would have known to be intimidated.

Take Kennie and D. When you on to be in a relationship with somebody, God only knows what could happen down the road—someone could have a stroke or change their minds about having kids or decide they want to go back to college. There are a ton of Atlanta influences in this film.

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Dominic, from St. Paul, Minnesota, recently underwent chest surgery and hopes to compete at his second TransFitCon with his new body. When author and television writer T Cooper moved to Atlanta from New York inhe was surprised to learn about a unique event taking place in his new hometown. Get help. What made you want to tell this story? How did all those local voices impact the film?

But once we shot the TransFitCon, I began to see how the story would come together and started to figure out who I was going to follow. We all have these different ways that we present ourselves to the world, and [these bodybuilders are so brave]. I made a rough budget to keep the film lean and mean, and that meant I had to shoot most of it alone. How is this film important in the current political climate, and how did you reflect bodybuilding dating Atlanta Ga current political discourse in the film? It seemed to be a way for these trans men to take control of their own bodies and create their perfect self-image.

I was really psyched to show varied, real, honest, authentic trans lives—with different body types, different stages of transition, races, classes, familial situations—all convening in one place and letting it all hang out on stage.

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