400 Churches Closed, Replaced By 321 Musques

The truth is right in front of you

Things certainly have changed in the state of Minnesota. Once the home of a solidly conservative Christian base, the arrival of millions of refugees – brought by Obama – has completely changed the state’s religious landscape. These days, the Muslammics are in charge and the changing scenery proves it.

In the years since 2010, when the invasion began, there has been an exodus of Christians from Minny by those wanting to escape the muslammic influence. An only slightly smaller number opted for the “if you can’t beat em, join em” route, and converted to Islamia. The result? A state heavily populated by those of the mohammedian persuasion and sharia law on its way.

Today, the sight of a church at any roadside is a rarity. Exactly 400 churches have closed in the past decade for lack of patronage. Some were demolished but most Р321 of them Рwere repurposed to reopen under musselman banners. The grisly crucifixes  replaced by the disgusting moon and star.

Local House Rep, Ilhan Omar, could not speak more highly of the change:

“Everything is better now. It’s best, just as the First Lady wants it. We were content to live amongst the Jesus people but Melania’s #bebest campaign really encouraged us to strive for more, to be as great as we could be. And now that Islamia rules Minnesota, we are most of the way there.”

This is truly an outrage for our Christian nation. But how can we stop it?