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O n tonight's new episode of VH1's hit show "Dating Naked" viewers nearly got a full view of Sean and Juliet's bodies, as well as their personalities, as they bore all for dates on a tropical island.


View all Celebrities Sites. I should be up front about that before I begin. Will David and Natalie end up together?! Streaming More Netflix News ».

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Natalie got to go on a date with Vinny, a doofus from somewhere stupid in the middle of the country. Yeah you can. More Music News ». When David and Natalie meet out on the dock of the resort? More from Reality TV. Season 7 Premiere. Champagne and Shade 10 hours Gymnast Nastia Liukin 'unreal' with mid-air splits.

View all Movies Sites. View all Streaming Sites. Sure you can. More Movie News ». More FS Movie News ». I assumed it was like Blind Datewhere it was fifteen minutes of one naked couple and then fifteen minutes of another naked couple and then they could decide whether or not they wanted to naked see each other again. But I understand these shows even less when the two people at the center of it are literally just two rando people who happen to be youngish, naked and attractive.

More Food News ». These Boston dating naked gorgeous, heterosexual people are David and Natalie. View all Our Sites.

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Introducing dates? More TV News ». Because you are actually doing it.

Vh1’s ‘dating naked’ series gives new meaning to ‘just hanging out’ (video)

Finally after three days of naked dating, the original twosome, David and Natalie, get to each pick one person to send home and one person to keep to move on to the next week. View all Lifestyle Sites. More Fantasy News ». He bounces around acting like a lunatic and after he reveals that he sells cable television door to door, the other shoe drops and you suddenly understand the entirety of his person.

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More FS Entertainment News ». The strangest, craziest, weirdest, most bizarre thing about Dating Naked is the insidious and disturbing way that it gets through your intellectual armor. Spoiler alert, she gets sent home. More Gaming News ».

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Tweet Share Pin. More Reality TV News ». In the beginning Natalie talked about how she owned a dance studio with the love of her life, who she then broke up with when she discovered that he was cheating on her with one of the dancers in their troupe and she lost her love and her business, her business of dance and she started crying and I honestly got a little touched in the heartstrings, and felt something close to human emotions of sympathy and empathy which are the two least valuable emotions on Dating Naked for all you would-be contestants at home, working on your abs and your inane small talk for Season 4.

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And force you to be on a nude dating show in Bora Bora? More FS Music News ». More News Around the Network ». Look at all these booze fueled fights!

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Natalie runs to the water, which as she hits, knocks off most of the lifeguarding gear she was wearing or carrying so it becomes her just swimming out naked with a flotation device to grab Zakk and swim all over him while she brings him to shore.

View all Music Sites. A naked old guy at one point!?

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More Amazon News ». So the format of the show is that two gorgeous people start off going on a naked date together where I guess they have to? View all TV Shows Sites.

7 most brutal 'mob wives' fights (videos)

Speaking of passion and disappointment, I watched the first episode of Dating Nakedwhich just began its third season on VH1. How do you not help them? More Dog News ».

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More FanSided News ». More ESports News ».

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This season once again features two main daters, David and Natalie, as they search for love on a tropical island paradise.


O n tonight's new episode of VH1's "Dating Naked" viewers got nearly a full view of Michelle and Joe bodies, as well as their personalities, as they bore all for dates in Honduras.