Snoop Dogg Impregnates Huckabee During 4/20 Party At Mar A Lago


The annual 4/20 party at Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago resort was in full swing this afternoon, when witnesses and guests were informed from the doorway of a smoke-filled bedroom suite that popular musical artist and frequent guest Snoop Dogg had successfully impregnated White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders by way of “fashizzling her vanizzle pagizzi”.

The entertainers reportedly met outside in the reception area where Mr. Dogg and his entourage were unloading a multi-part “superbong” from a rented trailer.  Dogg dished details of his dicklicious introdizzle:

“Right away, you know, I noticed she had azz.  I thought, yeah, I gotta tap that for shizzle.  We all here in beautiful Mar a Lago, you know, surrounded by love and Trump, the big dawg, and I’m like the other dog, know what I’m sayin’, so we gotta get doggy style on the four two oh.  Her face a little hard to take, tho.  Kinda like…one of those melted watch paintings, you know?  But with a va jay jay.”

Huckabee-Sanders seen here approaching the Mar A Lago landing platform where she was welcomed and tethered.

Also seen to be making hay at the festive gala was Vice President Mike Pence, spotted cavorting in a hot tub with his Executive Power Bottom, Maurice.

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