Brett Kavanaugh Sides with Dems, Rules to Strike ‘So Help Me God’ From Oaths of Office

Justice Brett Kavanaugh isn’t the patriot we thought he was. We were certain — especially after he openly accused Hillary Clinton of trying to destroy him — that he would always be on our side. That just isn’t the case.

Kavanaugh has been eating lunch with Ginsberg and Sotomayor for weeks now, and this week it showed. He voted with the liberals on 3 major issues and then ended with the ultimate insult…an insult to God.

Yes, the God he took an oath to protect and defend along with the Constitution, that he is now tearing to shreds. That God. He has now turned his back on that God and ruled that adding Him to an oath of office violates the Establishment Clause. Apparently, Mr. Constitutionalist has never read the Establishment Clause, because it Establishes that there will be no “official” religion but also guarantees the freedom to express it.

By siding with the Dems he’s showing that he has most likely been paid off by Soros or possibly blackmailed for information on how he got into Yale. Either way, he’s clearly gone rogue and is in need of a good investigation.

Often times, when something goes wrong in one of our own, they just need to be reminded which world they belong to. Kavanaugh belongs to us. He should be voting in our best interests. As a Supreme Court Justice, he interprets the Constitution. Until someone tells him otherwise, he should always interpret on Trump’s side. It’s the only way to be truly unbiased as a conservative. It’s not bias at all at that point — it’s devotion.

Nobody can take your devotion from you.

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