Brilliant! Skyhook Border Wall Construction Underway

“The big, beautiful wall of steel and concrete will do well on the southern border but our coastlines are still very vulnerable to entry by illegals. But don’t worry. I have a plan.”

President Donald J Trump, Feb 29/19

And with those words Operation Skyhook was born.

Work has begun on border wall at all coastal areas – west,east, and south around mainland USA – of a plexiglass wall to protect our coasts from invasions of illegals , human smugglers, drug shipments , and Eurotrash. It will be made from the same standard half inch plexiglass one would find covering ads at bus shelters that routinely are covered with graffiti and mistaken for public art.  As is well known, those plates of glass are impenetrable and, most importantly, lightweight.


Lightweight is important because of the means by which the walls will be suspended. Chief Coastal Sky Hooker, Satya Martin tells us more :

”The plexiglass walls will be seamless. There will be two. One running up and down the west coast from Mexico to Canada.  The other will begin at the Gulf of Mexico and stretch east around Florida, then north to the Canadian Border. Alaska and Hawaii will be left to fend for themselves. They’re not real Americans anyway. If they were, they’d be over here with the rest of us.  YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN US, HAWAII!

Anyway, the glass will be suspended by hooks attached to chains attached to Chinook helicopters spaced 50 feet apart along the entire length of the coastal areas.”

Satya Martin in her natural state. Shapeshifters are known for their uniquely large pupils.

Mrs Martin was asked the obvious question by our Washington Plexiwall Correspondent- What happens when the choppers need to refuel?  Her answer was succinct and decisive.

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Once again President Trump’s vision and sciencing abilities are going to lead America into a new age of security. The nation has never been safer.