The Gay Agenda Of LG Electronics

The truth is right in front of you

LG electronic products have always had their quirks –  little things they do that are inconvenient, and sometimes maddening, that the manufacturer consistently fails to do anything about and that consumers ultimately just grow to accept.

It turns out that it isn’t that LG is incapable of making the glitch repairs, but that they outright refuse to do so. They flaws exist in the products by design. You see, “LG” is actually short for “LGBTQ”. It’s not just “Life’s Good”. It’s

L ife’s

G ood  :

B e

T he

Q ueer

The company, like the Pride group is Pro-Gay and, again like the group, they are out to convert the masses. This is the gay agenda.


LG fans spread the gay through magical rainbow blades.

And now some consumers are finally speaking out. Roy Versailles of Texas tells of the LG Smartphone he purchased that came preloaded with the Grindr app :

“It wouldn’t even allow me to get other apps. It always took me to Grindr again in the App Store!”

Bob Sandhu shares the problems with  LG PC’s :

“The default homepage was some gay porn site! And it couldn’t be changed!”

And others :

“LG MP3 players will only accept downloads from that bass heavy club music! You know the kind! Like you hear coming from gay bars!”

“Their vacuums come with a ‘toy’ attachment!”

“LG GPS would only direct me to ‘Boys Town’, a local establishment. I found myself inside, shirtless, and gyrating to electronic dance music! … wasn’t bad though. I met a nice guy. We’ve been going strong for 6 months now.”

That last is increasingly common. The consumer eventually just gives in to the gay. LG must be stopped.