LAPD Report Rise In Child Predators Seen This Halloween

The truth is right in front of you

Halloween often sees surges in the numbers of child predators on the streets. They fit with the occasion – the numbers of children on the streets, roaming through neighborhoods in search of goodies, is enormous on October 31 and all are in disguise – children and adults alike – giving the predators the ability go unnoticed as they seamlessly blend in with the rest of the Hallow’s Eve revellers.

And so they come out, walking along with everyone else. Most people pay them little mind as they come up beside, laughing and smiling. They only see a fellow costumed lover of the fantasy of this day. Most don’t notice or recognize the monsters in their midst.

Detective Joe “Jojo” Barron, of the LAPD’s Child Predator Task Force, is trained to see these “creatures.” He’s been doing so for over 20 years and is considered the expert on his field. Here, Joe tells us why and how he continues to search for these abnormal beings – these “aliens” – after so many years:

“These guys ….. and gals! Girls can be predators too! They’re everywhere.
Sometimes, other children don’t see them for what they are. Their appearance can be deceiving. They can look cute and attractive, and their disguise amplifies that. None are able to discern that the clever facade they see is actually that of a horrific, malevolent being who means to destroy. The costume can be deceiving.

That’s why I’m needed. I can always spot them. I’ve seen films on them repeatedly and know them well. I’m here to say,’That’s not just a bug, that’s a predator!’ The little guys get a kick out of that.”

Joe Barron has helped to make the world a better place in his way.

Keep up the good work, Joe. It’s important. We’ll do our part too for We Are All Joe.