Caliphate: The Musslamic History Of California

Ahhh California. Sunshine, palm trees, the Pacific Ocean, movie stars……..and Musslamic loving liberals.

The Golden State is overrun with communism, fascist, hippie tree hugging, Musslamic protecting, illegal hoarding, trump hating, Killary loving liberals. But this is nothing new. California has a long history of liberalism. And Musslamification.

Before the USA stole the region from our lazy southern neighbors, it was a “safe place” for Musselmans. Mexico harbored the heathens in the area, as they knew that one day they would lose the land to America in a bloodless war due to their lack of desire to put effort into its protection.

The sombrero was introduced to Mexico by the Muslamanics of Iran.

Historian Ernestine Ames tells us more:

”Mexico knew a war was coming for the territory and that siesta would interfere with their chances of winning, so they formulated a plan to destroy America from within. They began to order Musslamics by the gross from Amazon and inserted them throughout what is now California.

They also changed the name of the state from “Slightly Less Hot Mexico” to “Caliphate”, an Arabic word meaning “ Overrun by whiny liberals”.

Muslim-Mexican Merica

By the time Americans settled there and changed the name to California (Spanish for “overrun by liberals”), Musslamics were firmly entrenched and ready to begin implementation of their 1500 year old plan to takeover the USA and implement Shakira Law.”

The reason for the plague of anti-American liberal traitors in California is now abundantly clear.  Mexicans and Musslamics set it all up. We knew it.