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Your job's a joke, you're broke. Your love life's D. Of course, if you had a friend like Chandler Bing he would certainly point that all out.


She called Chandler skidmarkwithout a restraint. In her early 30s, Julie looked incredibly attractive. Steer clear of Susie Underpants, for she could go far to get what she wanted. She'd put on extra weight, so Chandler had left her.

In the middle of their date, she called him to a bathroom stall. In the middle of the night, Joey had thrown her wooden leg in fire and run away. For one, she was an Italian, formerly enrolled in the Israeli army.

Aurora was married to some Rick, dating an Ethan and an Andrew. We'd have loved to see what Mary Angela and Chandler had to offer. Aurora was a mystery right from the start. But he did spend his time in a box to learn his lesson.

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The thing is, in fourth grade Chandler's parents had announced their divorce. One would love to take out a woman who'd brag about a date to her friends or siblings.

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Kathy exhibited some interest in Chandler. In doing all this, Monica didn't shed her self esteem for a second. Didn't she consider going to her mom's, in Chicago for a while? Ain't nobody got time for a woman who'd carry a grudge that far. She made him strip, while she ran away with his clothes. Even though Ginger feared she was wasting her time with Chandler. He has cheated on with and has been cheated on. And then, there was Chandler looking for girl of course. From teaching him what a mature relationship was, to support him in the middle of his career crisis, Monica did it all.

Susie Moss was known by the moniker, Susie Underpants, thanks to Chandler. Chandler too played his part well. Monica was the one who taught Chandler what it meant to love and be loved in return. Twenty years later, Susie and Chandler meet at a movie set. She loved Chandler, yet she went back to her ex-husband to save her family.

A woman who'd be so invested in Chandler after a first date, she'd actually tell her brother about it. An unafraid, attractive woman, who by the way accepts your apologies, is a real catch. Our mind wanders on Chandler and Janice. Now Chandler is to be equally blamed for what Kathy did to Joey.

Dating a loving, caring and ambitious woman is like a dream come true for most people out there.

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Julie fearlessly wished Monica good luck for marrying Chandler. Mary Angela was willing to date Chandler. Chandler Bing wasn't lucky in the love department. As for Janice's laugh, we wouldn't have minded that so much.

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The thing is, at the time, Chandler was getting over Janice by groping Mary Angela. Even when he dumped her, he was back with her again, somehow. Here we go with their names. But Monica played a bigger role in the relationship.

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It was just a one-time thing, by the end of which Chandler didn't even remember her name or her face. We've always maintained Chandler and Ginger's storyline was one of the progressive ones on Friends.

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He'd never spoken to her again. Just as Chandler and Monica added a healthy dynamic to the group. She liked Chandler, but she wanted others too.

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Two of them are best friends, and the third is a co-worker. It's best to get out of such a relationship.

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Didn't she say she'd miss Chandler, that it could have been something really great? He'd lifted Susie's skirt to show her underpants to everybody. They went out for two summers, at the end of which Chandler dumped her. Janice loved Chandler, she bought him Bullwinkle socks for Valentine's day.

Janice was right, Chandler sought her time after time. Up until he was 25, he thought the only response of I love you was, "Oh crap! But eventually sharing the one person you date with three more people is difficult. Ginger dated Chandler later, unaware he was Joey's roommate and best friend. At first, it's fun to be around a woman who in public would slide her foot far up your pant leg.

Chandler's heart was broken when he found out she indeed had cheated on him. He had his fair share of heartbreaks, rejections, and betrayals. A married, noncommittal person is always dangerous. Regardless of the gender here, no one wants to be with a person whose interests dwindle like that.

Janice always took things in her stride, even when circumstances dictated otherwise. So he used humor as a defense mechanism to distract him from the pain. Why would anyone want to be with a person who changes three dates in a relatively short Chandler looking for girl of time? She loved Chandler, but she didn't move to Tulsa with him.

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She'd said Chandler's lips were the softest. But Kathy slept with her co-worker after a minor fight with Chandler. Chandler's girlfriends fall in variousthe ones who named him skidmark, the ones who laughed hysterically and the ones who loved The Velveteen Rabbit just like he did.

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There are some of his girlfriends we'd love to date and others, not really. Ginger doesn't feel the same way about Chandler's nubbin- the third nipple. We'd love to take out a woman like that, the one who values family above everything else. Whilst Chandler appears unfazed by Ginger's special ability.

As soon as she sees it, she freaks out and runs. Were they perfect for each other, were they meant to be? She helped him pack for Yemen. Julie Graff was Chandler's camp girlfriend. From her brief appearance in the show, we could tell she was bold. Susie's way of punishing a grown man was immature. Turns out it was Chandler who really wasted her time with her. She was happy to be what she was, she wore her heart on her sleeve. She took her new job in the city, instead.

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We wouldn't want to do that to ourselves.

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Will the world ever forget the utter masterpiece that was Friends?