Dearborn Declares Itself A Sovereign State

The truth is right in front of you

Dearborn, Michigan is a well known Musslamic enclave in the United States. They occupy a full 90% of the town’s population. Because of this huge majority, they have been slowly introducing Sharia Law to the area with little blowback. Or at least there hadn’t been blowback.

Recently, President Trump has been bringing the hammer down, forcing removal of their laws and enforcing our own. This has now led Dearborn’s residents to take a bold step.

Dearborn has declared itself a “sovereign state”.

It’s right on the border almost. What’s the big deal?

What this means is somewhat simple. Dearborn residents will no longer consider themselves American citizens. They will not pay taxes to the state or federal governments. They will not receive nor will they expect any government services. They will be entirely self-sufficient.

And they will not be subject to any of the laws of the rest of the country.

They will have their own legal framework, independent laws, independent justice. Sharia is expected to be fully implemented……and there would be nothing we could do about it.

They have their own airport so they would be able to travel out of their city, albeit at great expense by air. On this matter, they are presumably going to reach agreement with Canada over flight patterns in order to limit time in American airspace.

Satya Martin, the head of the Dearborn legal team, explains more:

“The people of Dearborn are not like you. Why should they be forced to live like the infidel when they are the purest persons of Allah? Their words. I’m just representing my client according to their wishes.

But really, they’re cool. And fun. And sexy af. You have nooo idea how much fun can be had in a burka! No idea!”

Of course, this plan of theirs can only go to fruition if President Trump allows it to. And we know that’s not going happen.