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  • What is my age:
  • I am 23
  • What is my nationaly:
  • I'm bolivian
  • I like to listen:
  • Folk
  • My tattoo:
  • None


I have always wanted to let you know!! Thank You! All sites reserved. View Profile Send Message. Meet Single Reviews in South Dakota. More Success Country.


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You may as well list eating and sleeping alongside the necessary evil of exercise if there is this little about you that's interesting. Getty Images Digital Vision. Getty Images D. You did a gap year trip to Australia in and dream of seeing the Northern Lights, do you? Go on, tell me what vegetables are in season now.

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Prefacing your boast about how cool and clever you are with this kind of humblebrag disclaimer will not make you look like any less of an arsehole. Yeah, yeah, you only want to go out with intelligent, attractive women with big tits who'll laugh at your shit jokes and like to eat brunch or read the broheet paper before seeing an independent film or exhibition. Acting like a worthy fucker won't kid anyone into thinking that you don't hate your job.

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Who knows what the "countless possibilities" these guys are "enchanted" by involve, but it's probably not Pret, packed pubs, and nightbuses. Admitting you are pretty much indifferent to everything is not the way to a woman's heart. This is the "I actually spend all my time getting pissed" admission that exposes "gigs, galleries, farmers' markets, and independent cinema" as total lies. If this were true the Tate would be a total sex-fest. Perhaps there's merit in someone who pretty much admits that they're only after two dates and a shag. Nobody likes asking yet another person if they have siblings and where they grew up.

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Back-chatting small children are cheeky, Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover is cheeky. Shout out to the Prince Charles cinemawhich is a popular name to drop, but we know you saw The Hobbit at a Vue last week.

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Share This Article Facebook. Please save your bitterness until at least date five. Said every lad from Clapham who wants to take the piss out of you to make himself feel superior.

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Not hate-watching Sunday Brunch in your trackies? If that meant more than "I scan the headlines on the Guardian website and tweet a half opinion on my favourite", you'd probably be able to think of something more intelligent to say than that.

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Stop making shit excuses for the fact that you've not been arsed to engage with cinema since Home Alone 2 came out. You're hawking your smizing mug on a dating site so that you can stop meeting new people. Yeah, you and this guy.

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Ugh, you're one of those arseholes who plays "Wonderwall" on the guitar at parties, aren't you? These are the same knobends who are calling themselves "meninists".

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Expensive, oven-cooked meat and vegetables are not, although thanks for that one-word reason to block you. Because it's always Murakami.

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