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We all enjoy a little time with the one we love, but finding a new date night idea may be a challenge. Add a little adventure to your date night, and ask yourself: what type of couple are you? Intellectuals or adventurers? Are you foodies?


If you plan your trip at the right time, you might even catch a special event like the Lancaster Playground Extravaganza. Old Mill Stream Campground.

Start planning your trip to lancaster, pa

Depending on your strength and stamina, you can attempt everything from beginner-level treks to expert-level summits. The good news is that the Kitchen Kettle Village makes it easy!

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These impressive displays combined hand-drawn images with old-fashioned light machines to captive audiences around the world. There are shopping malls and amusement parks; there are places to hike, bike, swim, fish and kayak. A water fountain is surrounded by benches if you ever need to set down your shopping bags for a minute.

Enjoy some blood-curdling fun at the Field of Screams.

Things to do in lancaster, pa

Luxurious jewelers share the floor with quiet bookstores and colorful toy shops; the food court is equally balanced between fine dining and indulgent fast food. Brick canals lead to a large water fountain, and grassy fields give way to shaded, tree-lined pavilions and picnic tables.

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By: Author Busy Tourist. They can learn how steam engines work; they can watch steam mills and textile processes in action. It dedicates more than 1, square feet to hundreds of displays of trains, trams, locomotives and other hallmarks of Lancaster, PA. His first train set was a modest thing that he built with his two-year-old son, but the pair made a lifelong hobby out of it, and their trains wound up taking over the family basement. As a sprawling complex with dozens of shops, stores, activities and tours, the Kitchen Kettle Village is one of the best places in Lancaster to learn about the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Run by Turkey Hill, a dairy company in Pennsylvania, the Turkey Hill Experience is basically a self-guided tour through their headquarters. Dutch Apple Dinner Theater. By the time that the son needed money for college, their collection was big enough that they decided to charge admission for people to see it, and the Choo Choo Barn was born.

Things to do in lancaster pa for couples

Have more time to explore? After all, how often do you get the chance to question 17th century farmers about their own ways of life? Be sure to check out our list of things to do in Erie, PA and things to do in Pittsburgh! It has a very classy atmosphere, especially when the waiters bring out your dishes in covered platters. The Pennsylvania Dutch have a long, fascinating history, and they played such a crucial role in the founding of Lancaster that it would be a shame to visit the city without learning more about them.

Toddlers can enjoy the carousels and teacup rides.

25 best things to do in lancaster, pennsylvania

Visitors to the Lancaster Science Factory can play, build, dream and create things that have real-world value in the fields of science and engineering. The museum seeks to preserve their culture through art, music, clothes, tools and other materials. Mom and dad can enjoy the cafes, game booths, fun houses, dinosaur exhibits and virtual reality simulations. Nestled in a quiet corner of Lancaster, it has scenic views of a babbling brook and shaded tree grove.

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Holtwood Dam. King Swings. A haunted house will keep your heart racing as you stumble through demons, zombies, monsters and other terrors. Before there were televisions and movie theaters, people entertained themselves with magic lantern shows. With its padded seats and white tablecloths, the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater looks a bit like a fine dining establishment at first glance.

If your child gets distressed by the loud noises and you have to leave, you can get a full refund. Get lost in the corn maze; take a wagon ride around the property; make some new friends at the petting zoo.

Date ideas in lancaster, pa on a budget

Field of Screams. It sends literal tons of water crashing down to the rocks below, and the sights and sounds of such a powerful scene will take your breath away. Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful places in USAand nowhere is this more apparent than a place like Lititz Springs Park.

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Run by a single puppeteer with a passion for his craft, the Lancaster Marionette Theatre puts on shows that are a delight to watch. It was created by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the days of the pioneers, and it uses molasses and brown sugar to create a sweet, crumbly and finger-licking cake. You can sample ice creams, bag your own tea leaves, milk a mechanical cow, play with interactive exhibits or sit inside of a dairy truck. Teenagers can ram into each other with bumper cars. Pennsylvania has a thriving Amish community, and the Amish Farm and House Tour is your chance to see how they really live.

If your kids are allergic to museums, take them to the North Museum of Nature and Science. Owned and operated by King Swingsa local equipment supplier, it offers everything from swing sets to trampolines for kids with energy to burn. Regardless of its history, Dutch Haven is definitely one of the coolest places to visit in Lancaster.

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Today, this has been largely abandoned, but the mall still retains its snowflake-like architecture with corridors branching out from a centrally located plaza. Another fun thing about the Strasburg Rail Road is that it offers train robbery reenactments, so if you want to huddle extra close to that special someone, take a ride on the robbery train and let Bonnie and Clyde shake you down.

The Lancaster Science Factory is a hands-on science center for kids from kindergarten to the eighth grade. In addition to its everyday exhibits, the Lancaster Science Factory also hosts a of classes, clubs and workshops. They organize food, drinks, games and even petting zoos for families who want to unplug from their electronics and go outside.

25 best things to do in lancaster, pennsylvania

In the private tour, you can take your lover on a dreamy date or your parents on an amazing anniversary celebration. They settled in America in the 17th and 18th centuries, and they still have a substantial population in the Lancaster area. Planning to travel to other parts of Pennsylvania?

It might seem like a regular public park from the outside, but once you venture onto its green grass, an entire world of possibilities will open to you. If any part of your childhood was spent building model trains, the Choo Choo Barn will take you right back to the days of poring over whistles and wheels. For kids, it can be tasty, messy fun; for couples, it can be a romantic date with heart eyes and spoon-feeding. Hike, bike, fish or picnic on the gorgeous grounds that include everything from wildflower fields to a spring-fed lake. Visiting other areas of Pennsylvania? Why not check out some of the fun things to do in Hershey, PA?

As the largest shopping mall in Lancaster, PA, it covers a staggering 1.

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The little ones will enjoy running, jumping, climbing, sliding and swinging on the various play structures. One of the best things about Lititz Springs Park is that it often plays host to special events, so if you visit at the right time, you can everything from wine festivals to ice sculpture competitions. Bonfires are lit for marshmallows and hot dogs, and live entertainment is available on special occasions. You can wander through everything from jam stores to pottery barns while getting a firsthand look at the art, heritage and culture that make up the community.

Built on a remote, beautiful stretch of Pennsylvania woodlands, it manages to be both relaxing and exciting.

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Lancaster, the seat of Pennsylvania 's Lancaster County, is a great weekend destination, offering a choice of historical attractions, museums, tours, markets and restaurants.


Are you and your spouse or ificant other looking for a romantic weekend away or a fun date night activity?


We have compiled a list of romantic activities to do in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


We discovered a total of date ideas in or near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, including fun or romantic activities in nearby cities within 25 miles like York , Columbia , Manheim and Ephrata.