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On Aug. We wound up in ped intensive care with a blood sugar we were unaware she was diabetic. If you don't wish to share your welath with me maybe you know someone who does. I've recently been terminated from my employmentof 10 years because the mgr. Rosamon Miller18 May pm. I am writing today because I have been off work since this happened and it looks as if i will be off at least another month or two to help get her trough rehab and such. I made it go away, and by the way if nobody sends you anything.

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Husband took off to care for me I am somewhat better but not percent yet. I don't know if you would be able to help but any help at all would be great. He has granted me the wonderful privlege to raise this child. Luckily i could move in with parents and did not have any cars or financial responsibility at the time or i would have lossed it all.

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Is the 15, to get you through surgery bills or to help out afterwards? Pls help me my name is Siti Aishah bt Abdullah and i come from Malaysia i come from a poor family and i have four children my husband works as a serurity guard i hope tat you can help me to tell you THE truth my kids eat rice and salt that has been our staple food i too have an incurable skin disease i do hope you can help me tq. I have been a classroom teacher for over 36 years. Just have to make the best of a bad situation.

I don't mean to bother you,but I'm in the same boat basicly as you. I am beside myself I have a Fiber condition and other stuff and a dctor says I can not work but I need help. Here is the back-up plan. That was 6 months ago and i steel havent recieved any benefits.

By the grace of God please help me. Just try the bluebarries anyway for 6 months and don't smoke if you are a smoker. I even work hard almost every day for low wages,but that just doesn't cut it in todays economy. It is going to be awful. If anything happens in surgery I will be left with my right eyelid that will never close again and I will have to have gold weights put into the lid to make it close and wear a plastic bubble over my eye at night so I don't get stuff in it at night.

For those that are applying for a business loan, that maximum amount that I offer is 7, For those that are interested in getting a personal loan, the maximum is 1, You need to let me know the amount that you need as a loan and your choice of mind if the loan is personal or for business purpose, so that I can send you the application details and start processing the loan for you.

In this case the saying every little bit counts really is a blessing. I'm on disability and want to get off an do better for my family and I have poor credit due to a lot of medical bills and would like to buy a sawmill because I have timber to cut and sell I just need someone that's willing to help me out Thank You. Ponciana7 Mar pm. I am a hard working 35 yr old man who is trying to make ends meet. I have contacted a few social service agentcies for help and they have been able to help me with my electric bill but they have been unable to help with my mortgage, and I still have a water bill.

JOHN14 Mar pm. I know not everyone will understand my dilema, but, I'm hoping someone with a big heart and that believes in dating for millionaires Montgomery AL love will. Sam Barley21 Sep am. Alecia Harris12 Dating for millionaires Montgomery AL am. I have an acoustic neuroma tumor near my brain steam which after surgery will leave me deaf in my right ear.

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As a person in quite a similar situation to you im wondering did anyone help you because im considering asking for help myself. I'm asking because I need help as well. Sam Chapman2 Apr pm. Hope I did'nt bum you out too much. Nformi Fredrick Kwawe11 Jul pm.

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My mortgage for Aug and Sept. I had three hundred pounds of granite slabs fall on my knee and mess it up pretty bad, and when the dr. I am in need of five thousand dollars, even if it come to me as a loan. Take care. I to tryed to get money for much needed problems in my life,but no one really cares about other peoples problems I guess.

I am not looking just for a handout. Santiago D. Ramirez31 May am. Connie Jones23 Sep pm. I have been searhing the web for help for over three months and everyone has turned me down. If you are in need of a loan, contact me via this mailing address: make sure you reply to: marlen. Eat bluebarries lots of them and take a multi vitamin every day. Michael t.

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He is bad I just made coffee and he is huring all over he went to doc but he was no help yesterday. Hi there, will you take some advise from someone who had a tumor behind her eye? If you are willing to send any money it would greatly be appreciated and never forgotten. She has lost her lower right leg but thanks to God she is alive. This is the only valuable advise I could give you, comming from someone who is poor. Larry Beise30 May pm.

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Dr Brown scools17 Sep am. My is Marlen Zink10 Oct am. And i think having a brain tumor was enough, you didnt have to through in the other stuff bud. Hello, My name is Connie Jones. My health is not the best, but I am greatful that God is with me. Sawyer This the good breeding of the natives, and remark the quick intelligence of the young. I went to the V. Oh well at least I've got my health for now and I don't feel sorry For myself. I am a registered and certified money lender. Can you please help me or give my information to another millionnaire that could send me a check.

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That is how I got rid of my tumor although it is not the same as your's. Thanks for reading this.

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They turn a blind eye,as long as their well off. Thanks for listening to my appeal. Sue Vannelli17 Mar pm. Thankyou for oour time. Under the recent Philippine principle, merely the prey tin can row the suit opposed dating marriage personals Montgomery al speed dating Mindy kaling dating bj part deaf dating the hearing people catch free millionaire dating site dating 4 Police a give shelter to Wednesday in vogue Bacoor town draw near to Beige.

Big guys always get away with stuff like that cause they can afford to. Did you get the help you were looking for. Siti Aishah Bt Abdullah4 Apr pm. I am preparing to have my surgery but I would like to know that all my debts are paid before I go into surgery. Well i thank God for you wealth i need 1. Hello, I am Marlen Zink. Thank you, Santiago. I am in desperate need of any money that anyone can spare. My family of 3 children and my wonderful wife are much more deserving of a better life than I can provide. I know how you feel. I also have a 15 month old son who is a downs baby and I receive ssi for him but at this time this is our only income.

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Some of the storys I see on the internet are really sad. Life goes on. Ray27 May pm. I know this may seem silly, but I am in desperate need of financial help.

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