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From ages 15 to 21, the annual visit is usually more of a conversation than an exam. In most cases, a pelvic exam is not necessary, and we really want to get to know our patients. Regardless if the patient is sexually active or not. We will also discuss the HPV vaccine and home breast exams.


Traffic problems were numerous, including a car pile-up on highway 69 between Atoka and Kiowa. A funnel cloud was followed for 3. At Wichita Falls, the high temperature of 12 degrees occurred at midnight, making this the third lowest high temperature ever in Wichita Falls. Two passenger jets slid off icy runways at Will Rogers World Airport. Arctic air surged over the Southern Plains on this day in With widespread temperatures well below freezing, the strong northerly winds produced wind chills well below zero!

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With strong northerly winds to make the 37 degrees feel even colder, these events can go from a nice day to dangerous cold if you are not prepared. The storms were triggered by a powerful cold front ahead of an unseasonably moist and unstable airmass. The winds were not finished however, as an intense low-pressure system roared through later in the day.

A series of storm systems brought heavy snow and bitterly cold arctic air to the southern plains during the week of January 4th through 11th, in A large portion of Oklahoma received at least 10 inches of snow, with North Texas receiving up to 3 inches. On January 1,a record high of 77 degrees occurred. Ice, snow, and cold temperatures covered much of the area from January 4th through 7th, back in A layer of ice was covered by as much as 9 inches of snow.

This temperature broke the record of 73 degrees set in High winds also occurred on this day in Comanche and Tillman Counties when a strong cold front pushed through the area. Numerous hail reports occurred, with the largest being 1-inch in diameter. January 7th,marks the third-greatest calendar day snowfall at Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City totaled Accompanying the heavy snow were record-breaking cold temperatures.

January 2,was a warm day across western north Texas as the mercury soared to 80 degrees at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls. Due to the extreme length of below freezing temperatures, some locations kept at least 1 inch of snow on the ground for 14 days. True rainfall records did not begin until July The earliest records were kept not by any type of weather organization, but by the U. Army Medical Department. On January 7,a series of powerful storms tracked across the area during the late afternoon and evening hours.

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The hardest hit areas extended from near Durant and Ada, northeast toward Tulsa. This resulted in areas of blowing dust and a few wildfires due to power line arcing. Some locations across western Oklahoma measured toinch total amounts over the period, with snow drifts reaching 4 feet.

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Record high temperatures were set today in when the mercury reached 75 degrees in Oklahoma City. Wind gusts were measured up to 59 mph, but fortunately no damage was reported.

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With a gusty north wind, the wind chill dropped to minus The records included data on temperatures and rainy days, but not on precipitation amounts. The cold spell climaxed on the 4th, when Wichita Falls plunged to its all-time record low temperature of 12 degrees below zero.


On January 15th and 16th back ina strong winter storm system dumped 5 to 9 inches of snow along the Red River Valley of south-central and southeast Oklahoma. In Arnett, just southwest of Woodward in northwest Oklahoma, the temperature fell from 67 degrees to 37 degrees in just one hour.

The heaviest total was in Choctaw County, where Boswell reported 9 inches. On the same day, winds created wind chill values of 28 degrees below zero in Hooker, just east of Kenton. After the start of weather record keeping by Fort Gibson, other forts soon began keeping their own records. Wind chill readings dropped to between twenty and forty degrees below zero.

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Inthe new year was brought in on a snowy note. Even walking became dangerous, as several hundred injuries throughout the area were attributed to traffic accidents and slips on the ice. Tropical Cyclone Fred will continue to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, gusty winds and a few tornadoes as it tracks across western Georgia Tuesday and across the southern Appalachians to West Virginia by Wednesday. What was somewhat unusual for this event in January was that the winds were not associated with arctic air.

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On this date init seemed more like April than January, when an intense line of thunderstorms raced through the region. After an early morning low temperature of 7 below zero, the afternoon high on January 11th, back inwarmed to just 2 above zero, giving Oklahoma City its coldest high temperature ever recorded. Areas around Wichita Falls reported snow drifts of up to 2 feet. To make matters worse, two inches of snow fell to bring a two-day storm total to 5 inches. Wichita Falls recorded one of their coldest weeks in history during the first week of January in In fact, the morning low temperatures of January second through fifth, remain record low temperatures for the dates.

The 9 inches that accumulated are surpassed only by the A severe two-day ice and snow storm began in northern Texas on this day in A layer of ice was quickly covered by several inches of snow. Cold weather was seen on this day inwith extremely cold temperatures and wind chills over the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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Over central Oklahoma, temperatures stayed below freezing for as much as 10 consecutive days. The icy weather caused numerous traffic accidents, including a car pile-up in Oklahoma City shortly after midnight. The lowest temperature in Oklahoma City during the period came on the morning of the 8th, when a low of 4 below zero was reached. The mercury dropped below the freezing mark on the 4th in Oklahoma City, and stayed there until the afternoon of the 11th. Several streams across southern Oklahoma, such as Buffalo and Antelope Springs, were completely dry to start the year.

The coldest Oklahoma temperature of occurred on this day in the Oklahoma Panhandle near Guymon. A strong cold front moved into the region on this date indropping temperatures 20 to 30 degrees in a very short amount of time. One year earlier, the temperature only fell to 56 degrees, which set a record for the warmest low.

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Two consecutive days of very strong northerly winds were seen across the region on January 14th and 15th, Nearly persistent winds of 40 to 50 mph were seen for two days, with some areas of western Oklahoma experiencing occasional gusts around 60 mph. On January 13th and 14th back ina storm system dropped a narrow band of heavy snow across southwest and central Oklahoma.

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The remaining three days were little better with low temperatures of 7, minus 6, and minus 7 degrees, respectively. The temperature bottomed out at minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The beginning of brought no s of relief as Oklahoma continued to be in a moderate drought from Impacts of the drought included wildfires and extremely low creek levels. Numerous car accidents, including one fatality wreck near Fittstown, were reported.

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On this day inwidespread freezing drizzle and freezing rain occurred over much of southeast Oklahoma. While the north winds brought in colder air, the temperatures did not deviate far from average for the first part of January.

On January 1st and 2nd ofan intense storm system brought accumulations of sleet and freezing rain to much of the region. Well above normal temperatures, critical fire weather and poor air quality from wildfires will continue across much of the Great Basin into the northern Rockies through midweek.

Storm wind gusts reached 70 mph and two F0 tornadoes were reported across eastern Oklahoma.

Fred moving inland; western heat and wildfire impacts

Back inbitter cold and high winds swept through Oklahoma and northern Texas on January 10th through 14th. An ice storm on January 8th through the 10th, back incovered much of southeast Oklahoma with a thick layer of ice. This high temperature broke a year record by 1 degree for the warmest temperature for that date. The heaviest snow band was located from Lawton, to Norman, to Chandler.

Early in the day, the temperature dropped to a frigid 19 degrees below zero at Kenton, which was the coldest temperature recorded in the state of Oklahoma that year. Subzero temperatures would eventually cover the northwestern three-quarters of Oklahoma, with much of northern Texas only slightly above zero.

Fortunately, no injuries or ificant damages were reported. The ice also caused havoc with area airport operations. On the 1st and 2nd, a strong storm system dumped up to 6 inches of snow over a large part of southern, through northeast Oklahoma.

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The highest snowfall total was in Norman, where 8. In the Oklahoma Panhandle, Boise City plummeted to a low temperature of 17 below zero. January 9th,was a cold day for the region, especially for northern Texas. Over central Oklahoma, down into western north Texas, a glaze of ice was seen, with several accidents reported in the Oklahoma City area. Winds up to 75 mph brought widespread damage to roofs and utilities.