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Home » Dating » Apps » U. Almost 1. Well, yes and no. Yes, the state is filled with some high quality singles who are looking to meet, match, and fall in love. However, finding those singles can be challenging. We come bearing good news today for singles in the Granite State.


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I think it's all about putting yourself out there, no matter where you are. She's a professional matchmaker, so it's her job to believe in the possibility of romance. And I said, aren't you funny! And I think that's a good thing. Is New Hampshire a bad place for people in their twenties and thirties to date?

Matchmaking for a modern new hampshire

If you move to New Hampshire and think, I'm going to go out there and meet the person of my dreams in New Hampshire and you leave no stone unturned, I think you will. Next Up:. Available On Air Stations. When in doubt, swipe right. Lewis thinks that people in their twenties and thirties mostly rely on apps, but there was a time when they did have younger clients. Search Query Show Search.

The dating apps gave O'Hare somewhat unnerving insight into her potential dating pool.

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Show Search Search Query. It was noticeable! About NHPR. And she said, is this is abecause my biological clock is ticking? Play Live Radio. We're kind of what you would call an old-fashioned matchmaker I interview everybody that we match up," said Lewis.

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I mean, I'm supposed to be a modern woman, surging forward in her career," she said. If you're somebody who's seeking out a relationship and that's something you want, that's a really big part of life. It's still early days for O'Hare's transition to the big city.

You'd just get it all in," she said. And you cycle through people pretty quickly in New Hampshire.

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Her job has kept her busy during her first summer in New York and she hasn't had much time for the dating apps. I think that instead of thinking of it as lowering standards or settling or whatnot, we need to understand that love isn't always convenient.

Sometimes I think it's going to be a home run and it's not, other times I think, maybe Clients are typically 45 years old, and older. She found herself swiping and talking with people in Kittery, Maine—an hour east—and had friends who drove an hour west to Vermont for first dates. The idea of a "dating pool" can be difficult to identify and might mean something different for everyone: It's defined by sexuality, distance you're willing to travel, preferences regarding height, age, or weight, education, or interest in starting a family.

Finding love in a hopeless place

Scroll down to see all the stories in the series so far. In Merrimack County, where she lived, there were almost 10, unmarried men between the ages of 20 and 34, according to the American Community Survey for Unmarried people in the same bracket add up to just under 15 percent of the overall population, but compared to New York City and its surrounding boroughs, unmarried people make up 22 percent of the total population.

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And she'd wonder: "Am I doing the wrong thing by staying here? Support NHPR with your monthly gift and become a sustaining member today! In springO'Hare relocated to Brooklyn. Just because someone is unmarried doesn't mean they're available or even looking for a partner. Am I going to meet someone compatible with me?

It made it very clear that I was not in that same place. While she had social and professional reasons to move, she's open about the fact that dating was a major factor in her decision. What cost of living challenges - and opportunities - do you face in your corner of New Hampshire? But I had a funny reaction: I felt very alienated suddenly.

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I think this is just seeing what's out there because you never know what might come your way that you thought you didn't like, but you're sort of intrigued by it. But it's really important!

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You see a lot more diversity in relationships now because of online dating, because you're driving an hour away to meet someone that is not within the usual scope of people that you hang out with. Fred just collects clocks," Lewis recalled. There are definitely a lot of options out there for everybody," said Lewis. It made me feel even lonelier," said O'Hare.

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She moved to Concord for a job as an environmental organizer just after her college graduation and enjoyed the affordability, tight-knit community, and natural landscapes. At this stage of the game, we're not doing that. It can change what's possible, and who is possible to meet.

What new hampshire singles should know

We would kind of mourn the fact that all of these single people would then leave. The placard hanging near Lewis' desk re: "Together is a nice place to be. Online dating has opened up a lot more possibilities for queer people living in rural America, according to Skyler Wang, a PhD student in sociology at U. He studies how online arrangements influence offline relationships on platforms, including Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and dating apps. You don't want to cut yourself out.

You just have to go on a of dates to find someone compatible. Sullivan started the business inback when Together operated all over the country. You want to leave yourself with those options when they arrive. And Fred likes clocks, so the office is always loaded with clocks. Please submit your questions on the form below, and one of our reporters may get in touch!

But searching the census for singleness or eligibility is tricky. I had a wonderful network of friends, I loved my job, but one of the things that was missing was that it was really challenging to find single people my age," O'Hare said.

Unmarried men and women between ages 20 and 34, as estimated by the American Community Survey for This data is subject to a margin of error. And that person may not be white, that person not be whatever that you're used to.

Take O'Hare, for example. For single people in New Hampshire, O'Hare's story isn't exactly uplifting. Dating New Hampshire home and Sullivan do not match gay, lesbian, or queer singles, although Lewis says she's considered it.

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While there is a whole genre of clickbait articles that rank the best U. The point is nobody really knows the best place to date, and the lived experience might look and feel quite different than what the data suggests. Plus, she regularly had to swipe through people she knew personally.

It's something that's crossed my mind though. For those who might not have the resources to move, dating apps can fill a gap in rural America.

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The artwork in the office has a floral motif, sometimes embellished with an encouraging message. All Streams. That's true everywhere," she said. I don't think this is settling. It's not always easy. Word of Mouth. I Have No Regrets. Are things really so bleak? Jess O'Hare loved living in New Hampshire.

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We also want to hear from you. I would love to do that. I won't say I haven't seriously thought about it, just It's not to say that we wouldn't though. They were entering this stage of life that I had no experience in, and I felt kind of left behind. She's in her early thirties and looking for someone around the same age.

Today, the New Hampshire office is the only one left. Things are much more transparent than they would have been before," said O'Hare. It was a constant conversation that we were having. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Do you have questions about why things cost what they do here, whether it's worth it to pay the price, and what could make things better?

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