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Your immigration status does not matter. The free, municipal identification card for New York City residents, ages 10 and up, provides access to a wide variety of services and programs offered by the City. IDNYC cardholders enjoy benefits and discounts offered by businesses and cultural institutions across the five boroughs. IDNYC provides the peace of mind that comes from having a broadly accepted government-issued photo identification. It can be used as your public library card, to access your own and your child's immunization records, and to open a bank at select financial institutions.


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If additional rooms are to be used independently by the same applicant in the same premises as a public dance hall or cabaret, the applicant shall indicate on the application the location of each and every room or space which is to be used for such purpose. The application for such identification card and every renewal thereof shall be made on such form or forms as the Director may prescribe.

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For the purpose of facilitating the inspections prescribed by this section, the Director is authorized to call upon the head of any City agency, and such agency and its employees shall make such inspections as may be required. If the applicant is a partnership, all members of the partnership shall be fingerprinted. The identification card shall expire on the 30th day of September following the third anniversary of the date of issuance and shall be renewable for additional four-year periods.

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For current provisions, see Ch. No issued under the provisions of this article shall be transferred or ased to any person or used by any person other than the e to whom it was issued, nor shall such be used on any location other than the location stated in such. Issuance of .

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Article I Cabarets. The Director is authorized to require any such employee to be properly identified by fingerprinting, photographing or otherwise as he shall deem necessary.

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This article shall not apply to premises owned, occupied and used exclusively by a religious, charitable, eleemosynary or educational corporation or institution. As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:. The Director is authorized to adopt such reasonable rules and regulations as he may deem necessary for the proper control, operation and supervision of public dance halls and cabarets.

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Except in the discretion of the Director, after consultation with the Commissioner, if the applicant is a corporation, club, association, society or other organized group of persons, all officers, directors, stockholders and other persons entitled to a share of the income or profits shall be fingerprinted. The herein prescribed shall be issued by the Director.

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It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct, maintain or operate or engage in the business of conducting, maintaining or operating a public dance hall or cabaret unless the premises wherein the same is conducted, maintained or operated is d in the manner prescribed herein.

If, during the term of the licensing period, one or more directors, stockholders or officers of a corporate e are substituted or added, each substituted or added director, stockholder or officer shall, within five days of such substitution or addition, file with the Director an application for an approval of the change of directors, stockholders or officers on such forms as are prescribed by the Director.

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City of Yonkers, NY. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents. All applicants for s required by the provisions of this article and holders of concessions on premises requiring such shall be fingerprinted.

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All s shall expire one year from the date of issuance. Except as otherwise provided in this section, every employee of a public dance hall, and every employee of a cabaret who comes in contact or is likely to come in contact with the patrons of such cabaret, shall, within four days of the date of the original employment, make application to the Director for a cabaret and public dance hall employee's identification card.

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Pending issuance of an application card, the Director may issue a temporary permit to any employee required to secure such card by this section or the rules and regulations of the Director. The Director shall require an employee to be fingerprinted only at the time of the filing of the original application for such identification card, except that, if the Director finds that the fingerprints of any employee are of insufficient clarity or otherwise inadequate or unavailable for proper identification of such employee, the Director may require such employee to be fingerprinted again.

Each issued hereunder shall be kept posted at the main entrance of every place d hereunder.

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It shall be unlawful for any person to be employed in a public dance hall or cabaret more than four days after the date of original employment without securing the identification card or temporary permit as may be required by this section and the rules and regulations of the Director. Application for such shall be made on a form containing such information as may be determined by the Director and shall be certified to by the applicant.

This processing fee shall be applied against the fee to be paid for issuance of said as provided herein.

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An identification card shall be issued only after the Director is satisfied that the employee is a fit and proper person. No authorized in this article shall be issued or renewed unless the Department of Housing and Buildings inspects the premises and certifies that the premises complies with the Yonkers Building and Electrical Code [1] and the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

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The Director may suspend or revoke any identification card or temporary permit.