California DMV Employee Refuses To Register Republicans


66-year old retiree Roberta Bagger entered the Alameda County Department of Motor Vehicles last Wednesday to renew her driver’s license and affirm that she was registered to vote.  The employee serving her, 37-year old Alexander Lifeson, inquired as to which party she wished to register under, and when she answered “Republican”, Lifeson fell into a litany of disgusting insults, calling her a “trunty trashbag” and “a pathetic ignoramus”, loudly passed gas, and shut down his window.  This was only one in what is estimated to be over 200 times this employee has acted similarly and refused outright, to register Republican voters.

Republicans in Cousinfinger, Louisiana rush to a Trump rally in time for the free Metamucil-jello shots.

Andrew Porkinfelcher of Oakland told officials that when he confronted Lifeson while attempting to register, the angry clerk began slamming what appeared to be a Taco Bell Chalupa across the counter and screamed : “Why, you gonna make ‘merica great again, dickslap?”, before leaving his window.  In a brief phone interview with a reporter from the Daily Californian Queef, Lifeson painted his resistance as “a religious statement” :

“I am a Christian.  Donald Trump and his gang of teabagging tards are against everything I believe.  They put children in cages, they ferishize the rich over life, and they dishonor women.  It is my moral duty not to create more.of them.  It’s my constitutional right.”

So far, no disciplinary action has been taken against the outspoken employee, and he remains at his job.  Buy clearly this is a conflict that could potentially end up before the Supreme Court.

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