Nevada Border Patrol Reports Invaders Using Dymamite On Wall


Troubling reports are flooding in from Border patrol agents in Los Chupos, Nevda : groups of central American invaders are using what appears to be dynamite to blast holes in the completed sections of the wall there.  No injuries have yet been reported, but neighboring family communities just a few miles away can hear the loud blasts as the dangerous explosives detonate.  Drone footage is being uploaded to the Pentagon and the White House in real time.

Pictured : FBI explosives expert James Walker, who will be consulting with security troops.

Agents were taken unaware at approximately two in the afternoon as an explosion shook the ground, followed by three more in rapid succession and a rain of concrete debris.  They then spotted several trucks full of immigrants setting up blasting caps near the previously built border sections.  The demolition-minded parties refused to obey cease and desist orders, probably because only agent Sam Batt speaks Spanish, and he was out seeing Taylor Swift in concert in Reno.

“He still ain’t my President, bitches. Now go back to reading the article.”

This should serve as a “teachable moment” for those skeptical of President Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency.  The invaders have stepped up their game, and the only way to beat dynamite is by building a stronger wall.  Let’s roll.

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