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Heavy infestations of CMBS cause crape myrtles to be so unsightly that simply ignoring and living with the problem may not be an acceptable option for most homeowners and landscape managers. Consider treating all crape myrtles in a landscape where a CMBS infestation has been found. As is often the case with new, nonnative insect pests, CMBS has few natural enemies here in the United States, and this is why they are able to reach such high, damaging populations.

This does not always happen, and fire ants are a good example of a nonnative pest for which this has not occurred.

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Unless they are treated, crape myrtles that are heavily infested with CMBS become a landscape eyesore. The cost difference between doing it yourself and hiring a commercial applicator may not be as great as you think. CMBS is primarily a pest of crape myrtles in the United States, though infestations have also been detected on American beautyberry.

Also, homeowners with large s of trees to treat should be aware that no special or certification is required to purchase.

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Use a toothpick or knife point to break the felt-like covering and the insects will bleed pink, or you may see a cluster of pink eggs. Look for crape myrtles with heavy accumulations of black sooty mold on the leaves, limbs, and trunk. Builders and landscape contractors should take special care to be sure any crape myrtles being installed around new homes or commercial landscapes are free of CMBS and come from reputable nurseries.

Currently, it is unclear whether such additional biological control agents exist. Control options for CMBS fall into four major : exclusion, plant selection, plant destruction, and insecticide treatment. Although CMBS is easy to detect and identify on heavily infested plants, low infestations on recently infested plants are hard to spot. Heavily infested twigs may be completely encrusted with scale. Hyperaspis lady beetle larvae are also white and fuzzy, but they are good predators of crape myrtle bark scale. Inspect plants especially carefully before purchasing.

Crape myrtle bark scale CMBS is a serious new threat to southern crape myrtles. Soil-applied treatments are relatively easy to apply, and some of these active ingredients are sold as brand name products labeled for homeowner use.

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Biological control may one day be a fifth option, but, other than naturally occurring lady beetles, effective biological control agents are not currently available. It is not unusual for heavily infested plants to have branches and twigs that are completely encrusted with scale. This will help mitigate the risks and adverse consequences of having to deal with heavy CMBS infestations in a large-scale or monoculture planting of crape myrtles.

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Although heavy infestations are easy to detect, low-level infestations are not, and even a single live female or a single egg sac filled with eggs is still an infestation. CMBS does not spread by flying because only males have wings.

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The simplest and most effective defense against CMBS is to avoid buying and planting infested crape myrtles. When destroying infested plants, it is important to do so in a manner that will prevent spread of scale to nearby crape myrtles.

Crape myrtle bark scale identification and control

Soil-applied systemic insecticides are the most effective treatments currently available for CMBS and the easiest to apply. Overwintering can occur in any life stage but especially as nymphs. Aphids will only feed on the leaves; CMBS will feed mainly on the twigs, branches, and trunk, and rarely on the leaves. There are few natural enemies here in the United States, and this allows CMBS to build to unusually high s on infested plants.

Adult females produce a white, felt-like sac around their bodies and lay approximately to pink eggs inside this sac. Note that some of these treatments are commercial products, and homeowners are encouraged to seek assistance from d commercial applicators to control CMBS, especially when treating larger trees.

Many commercial applicators are able to apply treatments as soil-injections, which eliminates the need to rake mulch away from the tree before treating, as is required when applying soil drench treatments. However, because of CMBS, landscape planners are encouraged to consider including some alternative species in the landscapes to increase planting diversity. The nymphs produce large quantities of honeydew, and this in heavy accumulations of sooty mold on the leaves, twigs, and trunks of infested plants, as well as on nearby low-growing plants and surrounding grass and mulch.

Another possibility is that effective nonnative biological control agents can be identified, imported, and established. Lady beetles alone do not provide enough control to prevent aesthetic injury, and additional biological control agents are needed to provide acceptable, sustainable natural control for this pest.

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The ray of hope here is that, in some cases after a new invasive pest enters an area, native biological control agents parasites, predators, and diseases adapt to the new host and begin to help control it. Before deciding to destroy infested plants, consider that effective insecticides are available for treating this pest. Long-range dispersal occurs through human transport of infested plants. Crape myrtles that are heavily infested with CMBS are covered with sooty mold and bloom poorly.

This pest is so new that control programs are still being developed.

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Foliar sprays containing the insect growth regulator products pyriproxyfen or buprofezin are also available for application as crawler sprays. Mississippi nurseries are encouraged to be especially vigilant for CMBS in order to avoid selling infested plants. Eggs hatch into tiny pink crawlers, and the older nymphs are pink, gray, or brown. Adult female scales are covered with a soft, off-white felt-like material and are about one-tenth of an inch long. But this insect has been found on many other species of plants in other regions of the world, and many of these reported hosts are grown in the United States.

Based on information from similar plant growth zones in China and observations reported from other infested states here in the United States, it appears that CMBS will complete two to four generations per year in the Southeast.

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Infested trees should be carefully monitored and treated for at least one season following the initial treatment season. There are several species of lady beetles, including the nonnative, multicolored Asian lady beetle.

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Because of their unique beauty and toughness, crape myrtles are widely used in southern landscapes. Admittedly, plant destruction is a drastic method of insect control, but there are situations where this may be the most appropriate means of dealing with a CMBS infestation.

Although they also occur on the trunk and lower limbs, many CMBS will be on smaller branches and twigs higher in the tree. Heavy infestations of crape myrtle aphids can also cause trees to be covered with black sooty mold, but any crape myrtle that is covered with sooty mold should be carefully examined for CMBS.

Sooty mold alone is not a definite indication of CMBS, but if you also find white, felt-covered scales that bleed pink when punctured, you can be sure you have found crape myrtle bark scale.

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Work closely with the nursery where plants are purchased to be sure plants are free of crape myrtle bark scale. So far, there are no varieties of crape myrtle with high levels of resistance to CMBS. Obviously, crape myrtles that are removed from the landscape because of CMBS infestation should, in most cases, be replaced with another plant species, especially if there are other infested plants in the community.

Here are a few examples of such situations:. Even if treated trees appear to be free of CMBS after the first season of treatment, they should still be treated with one of the soil-applied systemic insecticides in the second year and monitored closely for recurrence of CMBS. The nymphs right side do not have this covering.

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Sometimes trees have heavy infestations of aphids and CMBS. Look for patches of white felt-like material on the twigs, branches, and trunk.

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Even mulch and plants growing beneath crape myrtles heavily infested with crape myrtle bark scale will be covered with sooty mold. Crape myrtle bark scale, Eriococcus lagerstroemiaebelongs to a special group of scale insects known as felt scales. Heavy infestations of crape myrtle aphids will also cause trees to be black with heavy accumulations of sooty mold.

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The end result is a crape myrtle that is black and ugly due to heavy sooty mold accumulation and produces fewer and smaller blooms. Burning or placing infested plants in a landfill where they are promptly buried are suggested methods of plant destruction and disposal. All of these treatments belong to the neonicotinoid class of insecticide chemistry. It threatens to turn what has historically been a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape tree into an unsightly, high-maintenance landscape tree.

Note that the mulch underneath this tree is also black with sooty mold. However, infested trees are usually still unsightly due to sooty mold accumulation. Short-range dispersal can potentially occur by wind or as a result of crawlers being transported on birds or flying insects, as well as by gardeners and landscape maintenance equipment and personnel. Trucks and trailers used to haul away infested plant material must be tightly tarped to prevent wind-blown spread to other crape myrtles located along the route to the disposal site!

New homebuyers should inspect any crape myrtles present on the property they are considering.

But lady beetle population growth tends to lag behind that of the bark scale, and lady beetle predation may not be adequate to prevent development of heavy CMBS infestations and heavy accumulations of sooty mold. Inspect plants carefully before purchase. When properly applied, these treatments usually provide effective control, but it takes several weeks for treatments to work, and sooty mold that has already accumulated will remain after control has been achieved. Adult males, which are rarely seen, are winged and mobile.

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Because CMBS can easily spread to other trees in the area, crape myrtles that appear to be uninfested but are located near infested trees should be treated as if they are infested because new or low-level infestations are difficult to detect. Also consider that there is the potential for naturally occurring biological control to become more effective in suppressing CMBS in future years. In areas where CMBS has been present for some time, high s of lady beetles may provide ificant predation and population reduction, especially in mid- to late summer.

Effective treatments are available, but they are relatively costly and do not provide percent control, meaning that treatments must be reapplied each year. This nonnative scale was first detected in the United States in Texas in and was first found in Mississippi in spring of It is now well established in more than 20 Mississippi counties and will likely continue to spread. Be aware that most of the scale will be on small twigs and branches in the upper part of the tree, and check these areas as well. CMBS readily spre from tree to tree once it becomes established in an area, even when trees are hundreds of feet apart.

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