Trump Tries To Use Time Stone, Arrives at 1920 Election

In an unfortunate accident on his quest to dominate the United States and reduce the population by half, Donald Trump this week attempted to use his Infinity Gauntlet to access it’s time-controlling stone to alter the events of the 2020 election.  However, a quick magic finger wag by onlooking Antifa prestidigitator Steven Strange foiled that plan, sending the bulbous braggadocious Blumpkin instead to its 1920 counterpart.

Seconds upon arrival, Trump immediately snared and caged this child whom he suspected was some kind of alien from either France or Ork.

Immediately launching a dozen lawsuits against President elect Warren G. Harding, Trump then traveled to the Queefland Swamp area, future site of his Mar-a-lago retreat, to hold a rally outlining his case and his goals to nearly a hundred gathered lumberjack who had never heard of him.

“The men who have used the mail system to cheat you out of this election are losers who will never amount to anything,” the visibly deranged Marty McFlubby roared.  “Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt? They should stay in their basements!  And I’m denying our entry into the League of Nations!  We will have no dealings with Aquaman, Superman, or any of those other illegal aliens!  We are America!  We just won our first world war against…you know…those people.  I will make us the best at world wars!  At least three, four more!”

“What’s wrong with the mail system? It’s how we get our reports on where to chase and harass negroes!”

The confused crowd simply continued gathering lumber and reeds as the chimp-like future mental patient spoke of eliminating vape pens from all General stores and how awesome a relationship he had with the Russian Tsar.

Current Avenger Scott Lang made a brief statement from inside the nuclear fallout shield in Wichita, Kansas.

“He went back in time, so what.  What harm could one asshole do?”  Lang was attacked and eaten by an irradiated mutant shitbug a moment later.

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