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Denver residents aren't simply treated to panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains but get to enjoy a great climate of moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine all year round. Denver is an incredibly diverse city, from the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the downtown area to tight-knit suburban communities.


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Having lived in NYC I really wish for one day life would get easy here. I will say that in the downtown area and civic center there are noticeably more houseless people than you would get downtown in NYC or near City Hall, but I have found far less visible than say San Francisco or Seattle.

2. denver is becoming a major city.

Plus, the cost of maintaining a car is not much more than the cost in public transportation I had in NYC, and the lower tax rate while my wages stay roughly the same ends up being much nicer on the pocket book. Yes, when the weather is good for the outdoor activities of the season the city can definitely feel like a ghost town! It was like reading my exact thoughts on life in NYC. This has come at the right time for me as I make my final decision about moving. You can find great hiking in nearby Golden or Boulder. Thanks for taking the time and energy to create it. Like you mentioned, better to try than regret!

If you expat dating Denver CO more of a city vibe, RiNo and LoDo are good, but we love having a yard. Regret is scarier. That said nationwide we have a lot of issues with prioritizing affordable housing — Denver is not unique in this respect. The only thing that scares me is the job market in Denver. Thank you for taking the time to write this up. Saw Roy Wood Jr. This has been the most spot-on post on moving to Denver.

Thanks again for this great article! Also is kind of cliquey and people seem to stick to their little circle.

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People are rude. Denver is definitely not as international or ethnically diverse as NYC. After all, if you can live and work from anywhere, people might be less dependent on the jobs and industries that are more widely represented here. My wife and I def. Time will tell! I also always give the following advice to people thinking of making the leap:.

I am a transplant from New York. I agree that the passes for skiing are expensive and the traffic on I during the winter is bad, but generally skiing is an expensive activity due to lift tickets, accessibility, and equipment necessary.

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We chose Colorado for a of reasons, the least of which was our love of the outdoors. Many people try to avoid traffic by staggering their work hours coming in early, leaving earlieror take public transit that can bypass traffic, like the light rail. Thank you for writing this and your original post about your decision. The only reason is that my son is growing up like weed and looking for bigger house in NYC is just proven to be breaking my back. I think I will take the plunge. We also get national tours of the big musicals coming through Denver as well. In the meantime, you may just need to rely on places like convenience stores or food delivery services.

Others compliment Denver on the vibrancy of the dating scene, which is dominated by younger people. Like I said before though, your options are going to be crazy limited at the moment! A little bit scarier for me, because I am single but you are right….

How different is the lifestyle in denver compared to new york?

This goes beyond just networking. Thanks for writing this! Any advice Wich neighborhoods are good? However, I hope once things get back to normal, some of these bars and eateries that used to stay open stay in business and are able to re-open with late night hours! I wish you the best in finding a living situation that best matches your needs. What a great site! What I consistently notice is that with this easy access, the majority of the city disappears for weekend trips, skiing, camping, whatever the outing may be. We are making plans to move to Co. Next year.

I believe it was called TB Moving.

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I currently live on Maui, home of my dreams for 9 years now, and the company that I partner with would like me to move to Denver. This post was perfect!! This can make it a bit harder to meet new people as a transplant, and I noticed this even more so because I moved from a beach location where everyone stayed put on the weekends.

Oh yes and the Summers are a sauna plus fires, and healthcare is also impossible for self employed. Also if there is a Rockies or Broncos gametraffic can be pretty bad coming into downtown as well.

11 things we want you to know if you’re moving to denver

This is so helpful. Its crazy. I moved here 2 years ago. Thank you so much, Leah! What moving company would you recommend in NYC? Hi Vanessa — Thank you so much for sharing your story. My husband and I making a decision to move and Denver is on our list. Denver is also an easy-access portal to the outdoors like you mentioned. Art classes?

Good point. Obviously Denver is not for everyone. Hi Carla! Just FYI — I started a FB group for people who moved to Denver or are seriously thinking of moving to Denver where I and others answer any other burning questions you may have! I did use a moving company. I go back as well to check in on family. I think NYC and Denver are very different places.

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My husband and I are in the works of making this leap possibly. Hi Donna. Hoards of homeless. Just moved or are seriously thinking of moving to the Mile High City? How often do you go back, just curious, and for how long? Bit of a rosy take on the city, but glad you like it in Denver.

Like you, we hit a point when NYC no longer made sense. Others say that the diversity is lacking — which is not surprising given the demographics of the city. Many of you are contemplating a move of your own, others are curious to know if my experience has been the same as their own.

Everyone is more than willing to meet up for a coffee or a beer to help you in your professional search. I have lived here about the same amount of time and have one item to note. To summarize, dating is hard! I am in a service industry and am anxious about the income and expenses as well.

3. the cost of living in denver won’t break the bank, yet.

I am foodie as well, so finding someone well traveled I lived in many countries growing upwho loves food, who made a leap of faith leaving their forever home for Denver is like hitting a goldmine. Hi Laura thank you so much for creating this platform.

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Please us! If you need any more info, please drop me a line! Was it extremely expensive? He loves it and plans on buying a home and staying there my family is basically all from Long Island NY …This really made me feel better about our move. It was such a horrible decision moving here — plus the natives are rude, my packages, bike, everything left out is stolen. You will find many people who have moved from all over the country coming to Denver.

On the top of that i am curious about Job market since I need to start to pay the mortgages as life start to adjust with the new beginning as Coloradian!

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Denver has temperate weather all year long. Great post, Laura! Is that an option here? I also have a cousin in the Military that lives in Colorado Springs.

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Hi Siena! The response to that post has been incredible! Fires are unfortunately unavoidable in the West. It lists some of my favorite places to visit and eat! We are making a one week trip in 2 weeks to do the same as you and your husband did — kind of scope out the scene. However, people may be able to find Meetups or other social groups that have outdoor gatherings on the weekend! Thanks so much, Laura!

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