Facebook “Likes” Left Wing Extremists

Left wing fascism is on the rise

When Facebook introduced the hand emoji with thumb touching finger, they knew exactly what they were doing. This was a silent nod to Democrat white nationalist groups existing in the USA.  And it once again shows the liberal bias of Zuckerberg and his social media platform.

There has been a recent purge of right-wing nationalist fascist group pages and groups from the Facebook servers. This has been covered by news agencies far and wide. But nothing has been said about plans to remove left wing fascists. It would seem that, as long as you hang to the left, fascism is a-ok ?.

And it is obviously for this reason that the new emoji was introduced. With it, leftie supremacists can easily identify themselves to each other and expand their evil base, as they have been since President Trump’s election. Indeed, the FBI has reported that the number of white nationalist groups in America has grown by 1000% since that time – all of them Antifa scumbags.

Facebook has tried to pass off the hand gesture as meaning “ok” but are they really fooling anyone? Certainly not our writers. Definitely not our readers. Just the liberal fools who worship the media king and think he can do no wrong.

But make no mistake. Fascist nationalism is on the rise in America, and Facebook and the left are behind it all.