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This timeline was updated a second time on March 1, based on thousands of additional s released by Governor Snyder's office. The most recent additions are highlighted in green.


We do not believe it is a coincidence that Dr. Love foresaw the stunning IJID conclusion alleging dangers of POU filters for immunocompromised Flint residents, way back in September 26,before she had actually collected any defensible data on pathogens. Conclusion: The of this study showed that even two years after switch of the water back to Huron Lake, Flint municipal water showed high levels of pathogens.

Maki 1,S. McElmurry 2P. Kilgore 3N. Love 4H. Misikir 5M. Perri 5M. Zervos 6. Before the meeting, Dr. Edwards was warned to get ready for Dr. But to the surprise of many, Dr. Love, Zervos and McElmurry were quiet, professional, respectful and sullen throughout the meeting, perhaps because their Flint filter manifesto paper and grand plans had been derailed 48 hours earlier.

Love tweeted red emphasis added :. That is, all major research institutions have an IRB, in order to ensure that human subjects are adequately protected when they participate in research, with the fundamental principle that the research must be justifiable and that any potential benefits of the research must outweigh the potential risk to the people participating.

According to Kaplan, Zervos and McElmurry supported the need to continue recommending the filters, but Dr. Unfortunately, Dr. It seemed that Dr. Love had invested so much of her effort and credibility into months of filter fearmongering, she could not backtrack without an embarrassing loss of face. Sullivan Mechanical Engineer, Kettering University inexplicably stormed out of the meeting in a huff by mid-morning. We fervently hope that Dr. If we say we care about science, then we must take such issues of integrity and ethics head on. By this point the personnel involved in the relief effort had been collaborating productively for more than a year.

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: of Flint samples are shown in Table 1. In response to issues with lead, PoU filters were recommended for all households in Flint. Instead, just hours before the Town Hall, Dr. But it has. That knowledge was not revealed until early But everyone now had to deal with the team of inept FACHEP amateurs, who were desperate to create a Flint hero narrative for themselves, even if it meant casting aspersions or engaging in reckless speculation in public.

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We are not saying that we recommend boiling water. No pathogens were detected from Detroit water. We [Dr. The filters were successful in reducing lead exposure; however, their effects on bacterial infections have not been studied. Edwards and posed a question about the status of Flint water see herewhich Edwards summarized as per the Mlive article. In disbelief, Kaplan pointed out that the room was all professionally discussing Dr. By the end of the day, in discussions with Sullivan absent, it was unanimously agreed by all including FACHEP that Flint water was markedly improved and in the range of other U.

That consensus was immediately cited in media coverage of the event as follows:. Open Access PlumX Metrics. We point out that these agencies, unlike Dr. Love, actually have expertise in potable water. We then compiled Dr. The utility of a narrative is sometimes inversely related to its accuracy and objectives, and it is foolish to expect anyone engaged in a struggle that involves their livelihood including FACHEP faculty to make impartiality an absolute value.

They also covered their tracks by withholding their Chicago presentations from release to the Flint public. Sullivan and Zervos broke protocol and interrupted the meeting see 0.

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Sullivan, Tony Palladeno and Adam Murphy huddled in discussion. The veteran group, with representatives from multiple local, state, and federal environmental and public health agencies, had been working overtime to ethically and respectfully fix Flint water problems since the declaration of the Federal Emergency in January All of the scientists and engineers had qualifying expertise and many had experience in other water crises.

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When Edwards introduced heroic whistleblower Miguel Del Toral, who had been a key face of the Flint disaster response for over a yearMcElmurry and Love seemed to have no idea who he was and could have cared less. Purpose: In the city of Flint began using water from the Flint River rather than Lake Huron in a cost-saving effort. Edwards at Virginia Techafter Flint was being discussed at international conferences, and about same time Dr. Raskin and Rose posed when first forming their team.

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Please know that they are wrong. Afterall, the Legionella outbreak was over in late and the POU filters were not widely distributed throughout Flint until after that time.

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Into their midst, parachuted FACHEP faculty, who had virtually no relevant drinking water experience and had done nothing of substance in Flint until late The veteran scientists were mystified as to how, or why, the State of Michigan provided a sole source multimillion dollar grant to a Michigan Legionella team that excluded respected experts like Drs. Rose and Raskin. Edwards on a political rant against the State of Michigan. Incredibly, they said almost nothing of substance. They also crinkled Dr. When it came time for McElmurry and Love to speak start at herethey did not say a word about improving water, nor did they say residents should continue to use filters.

Edwards was even duped into writing a conciliatorygiven that the false narrative FACHEP was spreading against him was about to be publicly renounced. For some strange reason beyond our comprehension, Love stubbornly continues to ignore the multiple barriers to harmful fecal bacteria that are in place, and the fact that the POU filters are provided as additional barrier to remove lead above and beyond all existing legal requirements for water safety.

Factors such as decreased chlorine levels were favorable to growth of various bacteria including legionella, with 91 cases of legionella pneumonia in with 14 deaths reported.

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In lateDr. Love dismissed team member Dr. Our point is that the FACHEP team was formed by a perverse process, selecting for certain character traits, including greed and a thirst for power, rather than a traditional process based on actual expertise and experience. Study De. We received no response. Will share outcomes at end of tour.

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It is highly unusual for reporters to be acting as scientists, and the journal article made no mention of this important fact. Requests from Dr. While we do not have complete consensus, there are important areas of agreement and perhaps another approach is to emphasize those this evening.

Up-to-date information on our collaborative research and citizen science work with the residents of flint, mi in light of reported water quality issues

Herein, we document how that awkward situation, was covered up with counternarratives, ingratiating FACHEP with Flint residents at the expense of the truth and the reputations of others. The online story was then changed to indicate that a different team including Dr. Zervos had collected the samples. Love, Zervos and McElmurry when disagreement surfaced amongst the team, about what they planned to say during their Town Hall presentation in relation to the POU filters.

The one Detroit resident in the study using a POU filter, apparently did not obtain an infection or die.

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We fully expected an immediate and transparent response from the respective IRBs at these institutions. A lot of times it is difficult to achieve that kind of unanimity. A little later, on the other side of the room, Adam Murphy read from Dr. These have important implications for immune compromised patients, and other cities with aging infrastructure where PoU filters are being considered.

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