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The day she left to the Islamic State, Jaelyn Young took a floral backpack with clothes, craft supplies, and a scrapbook. Muhammad Dakhlalla, whose friends call him Moe, packed a bar of soap, gray sweats, and a pack of Starburst minis. She was organized: Her wallet held bank cards and insurance cards, plus a Sonic flirt Vicksburg tucked inside. He loved video games: His only t-shirt featured the robots of Portal 2. On that hot August day, they were headed to Turkey, on their way to Syria. He has a friendly, slightly dorky demeanor in conversation, ever the goofy baby brother of an expressive Muslim family.


The center alley provides the backdrop for this great optical illusion. The long par three is extremely difficult with a green that falls away from tight to left three to four feet. Hole 2.

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The alternative second shot is an aggressive play over the rough inside the dogleg and greenside bunkers. Deep bunkers guard the front of the green, a small Strath like bunker on the left and a large crater to the front right. This short par-4 tempts many to pull out the big lumber but a spine runs through the middle of the fairway in the driver landing zone that will kick all but the most perfect shots toward the bunkers.

The punch bowl, a green that is depressed on three sides, was originally deed by early deers to protect their greens from wind desiccation. Since opening two new bunkers have been added to the right side of this hole. This two angled beauty really gets the first time player due to yet another ridge which runs diagonally across the green hiding half of the putting surface from each set of tees.

Foonman, this hole is the favorite of many of the flirt Vicksburg players of the club.

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This hole de is a great test. Many golfers are now wondering if they will ever see a "regular" green on the course, here it is. Fairway guarded by waste bunkers left and right side. The entire left side of the hole is tree lined and the longer the tee shot the more this tiered green opens up to the approach. The undulating green complex is open to the run up shot, as the left bunker is not really in play but was used to prevent a players shot from running in front of the first tee.

The second shot will require a bit of thinking and the pin location will drive the day as landing areas and approach angles become crucial into the heavily contoured green. The second was added to discourage attempts to overpower this great three shotter and is visible in the second photo for the hole. The first, a ten foot deep pot bunker, was added to add some risk for those that would try to clear the mound that can be seen just inside the sentry oak. But, flirt Vicksburg landing area is guarded short, right and long by wetlands. Course Layout Home Course Layout.

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The second landing area plays around the "Cardinal" bunker. The second shot to the green is a carry over wetlands or the alternative safer route around the wetlands provides little trouble. Hole 9. The green has a small ridge that runs from the right side extending two thirds of the green width. Andrews's fourteenth hole is the forefather of this hole. Your round at Angels Crossing Golf Club begins with a good par 4.

A nine-foot deep bunker guards the right side of the foot long - 15, square foot green. Playing to the right side of the fairway and giving up ten to fifteen yard off the tee will give a great view of the green which, depending on pin location may require either aerial or ground attack. The changing winds above the trees increase the importance of club selection.

Cutting the corner off the tree line will only obstruct the flirt Vicksburg view of the green.

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Those that find it will have one of the toughest recovery shots found on the course. As for tips, you are on your own; methods of play here are as varied as the golf swing itself. The valley emerging from the wetlands into the green is reminiscent of "The Valley of Sin" on the Old Course's eighteenth hole.

The merits of poor visuals and the absence of framing make the golfer trust his or her club selection especially when attacking by air.

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Many flirt Vicksburg are under read on this green due to the relative lack of contour. Find the fairway and be left with a mid to short iron into the green. If a player finds this bunker he may flirt Vicksburg be hitting SW just to get out, the green will be a consideration for only the best players.

The Eden inspired green is elevated with little backdrop making depth perception and club selection important for the approach. The shallow two-tier green is behind two massive coffinesque bunkers guarding the right half of the green coming in at well over six foot in depth. Multiple plays are needed to find the secrets to this puzzle which leaves many players scratching their he after double on the shortest par five of the day.

A tee shot straight over the bunker will find the player in the waste bunker on the far side of the fairway. Hole 8. A high soft fade is a must to hold this green. The left side of the fairway is the target for a shot at the green. Check your pin sheet before teeing off as this hole is a bit counter intuitive, in order to get to a right side pin the tee shot must flirt with the fairway bunker to minimize the impact of the green contours. Due to some irregular contouring the front is a very difficult pin location which is very deceptive in its breaks.

Smart players will hit a tee shot that leaves a full low iron into the green. The tee shot demands a shot that can find its way to the left half of the fairway while dealing with a landing area that kicks everything to the right. Hole Call Us Today For tee times please call our pro shop at For Creekside Grille call: The first serves to give the player all the information needed for the rest of the round.

Hole 1. The sentry oak on the right side narrows the first landing area telling the golfer, "left is the way. Hole 6.

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For the back three tee players the tee shot over wetlands to a green on the hill has plenty of bail out on the right side. The fairway was extended during seeding the encompass the right side of the green and create a false front and collection bowl short right. A single oak one hundred yards out from the green and wetlands right guard the right side approach. Macdonald's ninth hole at Yale University is the most famous Biarritz hole. Wetlands parallel the left side of the hole. Macdonalds's concept of punishing man's avarice through de is embraced here.

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The right side of the Charles Banks style putting surface has a two and a half-foot depression flowing toward the tree line and a very tough front right pin location. Those that can carry the bunker and hit the down slope flirt Vicksburg well find themselves on the green, but they have to do it with a draw as a fade or straight ball will find its way to a collection area short right of the green.

Ironically this short par four may require the best drive of the day due to the angle of the tier. The back nine's short par four is a dogleg right around native prairie grasses and a sentry sugar maple. This is a good hole to check the pin position before teeing off to open up angles and minimize the impact of the ridge.

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The small green is surrounded by fie bunkers testing the short iron approach. The long view past the green is Barton Lake. The first decision a player has to make is whether to go right or left of the principal's nose bunker, shown on the drawing as a pot bunker but changed in the field during contruction. Hole 7.

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The center third of the green, which occupies some 4, square feet, is four plus feet lower than the front and the rear. Also in respect to the original, the hole is at grade and the green is not visible from the tee, adding to the challenge. A bunker complex on the left at yards protects the left side.

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The cape style "bite off" on the tee shot and the series of five bunkers that split the fairway short of the green provide several different routes to the hole. An additional back tee will be added further back and to the flirt Vicksburg in the coming years making the hole a both a cape tee shot and approach. The fat part of the small green is over the left greenside bunker. Turtle Island, an eight-foot deep "ribbon" bunker short and right of the green challenges the golfer who wants to cut the dogleg.

Features are ificant, bunkers are penal, and the player must keep the hole in front of them. There are no bunkers on this hog backed hole; none needed, as the green falls away in dramatic fashion. Hole 5. Hole 4. This is another hole where, after the first playing, the player will know that the dead center of the fairway is just that, dead.

George's spiny 13th, plays to an elevated trisected green that's putting surface "floats" on the horizon. The green features a hump in the front left favored by W. The back half of the green goes away and to the left while the front is a mix of old flirt Vicksburg roll. From the green, twelve of the eighteen holes can be seen, giving players a nice preview of what is awaiting them. The green is ground game gem that will punish and aggressive shot not coming from the right side of the fairway's second landing area. Hole 3.

Eight foot deep waste areas border the large landing area, one along the right side and two large buffalo shaped depressions on the left side. The best target for the tee shot is to play a slight draw from the target line starting at the eleventh green. The green de is very similar to a drawing in George Bahto's Evangelist of Golf.

Do not be on the wrong side of the green for your approach and floggers will hope they miss hit the ball when they see the bunkers which protect the center line approach to the green. Short, left and long slopes downhill quickly into trouble.

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