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Instead they were met by unidentified men, taken to a hotel, held in a room and threatened not to try to leave while the men tried, unsuccessfully, to extort money from relatives. After three days they managed to escape when the men left the room unguarded and they took refuge in a church.


Avoid unnecessary travel on Mexican Highway 2 between Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, and from the Columbia International Bridge crossing west toward Piedras Negras, due to reported violence. Travel Advisory. Criminals have killed numerous journalists and bloggers for reporting on these incidents.

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The location and timing of armed engagements are unpredictable. Theft of vehicle sound systems is a common crime.

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Avoid wearing jewelry and carry a clutch purse or a concealed neck purse instead of a shoulder bag. Recent examples include:. Others will threaten municipal and state administrators into accepting corrupt practices. In Nuevo Laredo, violent crime, such as murder, armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, extortion, and sexual assault, is common. Carry a wallet in the front trouser pocket or front jacket pocket. Crime Threats.

Infirefights took place throughout the consular district. This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office at the U. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo.

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Toll lanes and ports of entry alike can experience ificant delays at times. Do not advertise if you are from the United States. Mexico is experiencing a combination of conditions that collectively degrade the security environment in certain areas.


The government has captured some of its most wanted criminals. Avoid known high crime areas e. Consulate returned to normal operations on January 6. Gun battles generally occur after dark, but some have occurred in broad daylight, on public streets, and close to public venues. Consequently, organized criminal groups are becoming much less organized and disciplined. In Nuevo Laredo and surrounding parts of Tamaulipas, armed criminal groups target public and private passenger buses, often taking passengers hostage and demanding ransom payments.

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Stick to well known, well-populated routes, avoid traveling at night, and travel in groups when possible. The best ways to reduce the risk is to practice good personal security habits, especially maintaining high situational awareness and promptly departing from potentially dangerous situations. There are numerous reports in which criminals skimmed U.

Skimming is the theft of credit card information by an employee of a legitimate merchant or bank, manually copying down s or using a magnetic stripe reader or using a camera and skimmer installed in an ATM. Try to use ATMs in bank branches during business hours. To prevent and combat violence, the federal government has deployed military troops, federal police, and the national guard throughout the country.

Organized criminal gangs continue to cause ificant levels of violence throughout parts of the country.

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The U. There is serious threat of crime throughout Tamaulipas and Northern Coahuila. Criminals have followed and harassed U. Consulate Nuevo Laredo and U. Consulate Matamoros may only travel within a limited area of their respective cities. Give a wide berth to public buses and trucks. Murder increased 2. The attack lasted approximately one hour and resulted in the deaths of four state police officers and five TCO members.

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Do not travel to Tamaulipas Level 4 due to crime and kidnapping. Consulate issued a shelter in place order for Consulate personnel. Carry a working cell phone with coverage in Mexico and know where to go in case of emergency. The Government of Mexico along with the Tamaulipas and Coahuila state governments continue to engage in efforts to combat Transnational Criminal Organizations TCOsespecially along the border. Overall Crime and Safety Situation. Be alert for vehicles moving slower than the rest of the traffic flow, and for vehicles speeding through traffic als at the last minute.

Police fired at the vehicle and the vehicle stopped. Minor steering mistakes that can normally be corrected on a road with wide and level shoulders often cannot be easily corrected, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Department of State.

U.s. consulate history

Vet potential domestic employees to the greatest extent possible. The vast majority of those killed in such engagements have been members of TCOs and Mexican security forces, but innocent bystanders have died in shootouts between TCOs and Mexican officials. Beheadings, lynching, torture, and other gruesome displays of violence, as well as high s of forced disappearances, have become routine occurrences, including in the Mexico City metropolitan area.

Transportation-Safety Situation. Drivers are not uniformly experienced, and often drive cars in disrepair. Install and use a car alarm. Train them not to volunteer information to strangers and not to allow access of workers without prior authorization. Local law enforcement has limited capability to respond to the violence that occurs throughout the region. Many vehicles drive with defective or inoperable lights at night.

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Cybersecurity Issues. A gun battle ensued, killing one officer. Prepare to depart an establishment when you feel at risk.

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Defer travel, and if you must travel, exercise extreme caution. The vehicle contained undocumented immigrants attempting to evade detection, one of whom received injuries during the incident. However, the overall security environment did not improve substantially. Criminals do not target due to nationality, but to perceived wealth or possession of valuables worth taking. Gang activity, including gun battles, is widespread.

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OSAC encourages travelers to use this report to gain baseline knowledge of security conditions in the northern portions of the states of Coahuila and Tamaulipas. Vary routes and times to avoid any predictability and to minimize being a target of crime. With no new violent activity, the U. Consulate returned to normal operations on November Villa Union is located approximately 45 miles from the international bridge connecting Piedras Negras, Coahuila with Eagle Pass, Texas. With very few exceptions, U. During peak travel times like weekends and holidays, travelers should be prepared for long wait times when crossing back into the United States.

Nuevo laredo history

The current U. Reconsider travel to Coahuila Level 3 due to crime. Non-violent crimes e.

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Road Safety and Road Conditions. Make use of hotel safes when available. The situation in northeast Mexico remains fluid. Visitors on day trips should use U. Portable credit card terminals are widely available in Mexico, and travelers should always request the establishment bring a portable credit card terminal to them to charge their credit card in their physical presence.

Extortionists have targeted foreign and U. Some criminal groups will mandate that individuals or even whole communities work for them as lookouts or couriers. All other parts of Tamaulipas and Coahuila are the responsibility of the Consulates in Matamoros and Monterrey, respectively. Continued concerns regarding road safety along the border have prompted the U.

Consulate to impose restrictions on U. Driving in Mexico requires vigilance. The northern half of Mexico had been a higher-threat area, primarily due to organized criminal conflicts and competition for drug trafficking routes to the U. Various groups have splintered into smaller gangs, which have branched out into different illegal business activities, and associated violence is spreading across Mexico.

age and traffic lights are improving but are not always clear. Road safety is an area of particular concern throughout the region.

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