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Free Download. Nonetheless it was vital to convince the country that its symbol, in other words bacalhau, could have another provenance and still be trusted.

We use to say there are one thousand and one ways to cook cod. In Portugal bacalhau is no seasonal product. As we explained the recipe, we would also talk about our research.

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Just as our generations had been spoon fed the propaganda of the state, we were now the target of advertising campaigns. Our performance was a kind of metonymic ritual, where at the end we served and ate everything, literally. To that I would add, there are one thousand and one ways to cook symbols. As opposed to a dogmatic conception of history, we wanted to explore a fluid possibility.

To do so, we brought two salt cods from Lisbon with us, thus returning the fish to its origins and simulating what Portuguese emigrants used to do when back on holiday in their homeland — stock up on bacalhau.

The way how the Portuguese by chance came across the codfish stocks of Newfoundland, when they were trying to get to India via the North Atlantic in the 16th century; the way how a plentiful fish that was also cheap and easy to keep appealed to Portuguese tastes, becoming the food of choice for the poor, the transatlantic boat crews and slaves; the way how the constant orders to fast imposed by the Catholic church in later centuries made it immensely desirable; the way how the Estado Novo dictatorial regime, in power until nineteen seventy four, appropriated this symbol in the popular imagination to consolidate and revive the sea-faring vocation of the Portuguese people.

Your browser does not support audio. Artists also played an important role in the mythification of cod fishing and its protagonists through their constant representation in painting and sculpture on the facades of industry buildings. The images. We have a soft spot for it.

Of the smell of fish on board ship.

The Blessing of the Fleet became a special occasion. So that was how the idea of a cooking experience using a traditional Portuguese cod recipe came about. But for we who grew up in the 80s, the best was from Norway. A tale of salty water and stormy weather. up, It's Free! For us bacalhau was never just codfish, we always associated it with its provenance, or nationality.

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The basis for what today remains firmly in the public imagination can be traced to this moment. The little about bacalhau we knew came from the TV of our childhood, which said the best bacalhau was from Norway.

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The texts we wrote, a fluid history of fluids, as we used to call them, were a growing compilation of diary entries, ideas, concepts, historical facts, and trivia about cod. In those days, Norway was a household name in Portugal because of bacalhau.

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But in order to get to the bottom of why the Portuguese were so obsessed with bacalhau, we had 3 months on an isolated Island whose waters teemed with the fish we fetishized. The virtual wiping out of cod stocks in the waters of Newfoundland and the following cuts in fishing quotas, alongside changes in the geopolitical landscape and economic relations that took place after Portugal ed the European Community, undid the ancestral ties the country had with this region of the planet.

That slipped from our grasp, between our fingers. This audio was created by Woord's Text to Speech service by content creators from all around the world. Our grandparents believed the best bacalhau came from Newfoundland.

Our sex shop would be the summation of this roving eroticism we associated with cod fishing. Clearly also, salt cod was a springboard to talk about all kinds of things, where the idea of trade was unavoidable.

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At the same time as we were putting together this project, the festival had asked us to think of an activity involving the local community. Look no further than the variety of allusions to bacalhau in Portuguese white trash popular music.

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Of the cod liver oil we all had to swallow when we were kids. The last time we were on an island, also for a residency, was in Skrova, Lofoten, invited by LIAF to develop a project for the two thousand nineteen festival.

Of blood, sweat, tears and sperm. And the food. Our worldview is also a breeding ground for bars of ill-repute frequented by sailors, fishermen and prostitutes, inevitably found on the riverfront of all port cities. The exchange of fluids. The words. One that was not visible.

The story we wished to tell about the history of cod was also one of extreme violence dictated by economic and political factors; a story of abuse inflicted upon those forced to keep up fishing quotas and even upon the fish itself, a victim of large-scale overfishing. At a later date, we would discover a more or less obscure plan to populate Greenland, in which Portuguese fisherman were encouraged to settle there and also to get to know local women.

The first idea was to present in the exhibition a kind of sex shop, with sex toys in cod skin. And just like eating bacalhau, we end up devouring these symbols without ever questioning why. As a business, negotiation or as a migratory process. Inter-personal relationships as casual, unintentional exchanges of fluids, as a consequence of fluid, random deviations. API Documentation .

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Of the temporary worker communities that come together on board and in the ports. We decided to go on writing about cod, and later publish our findings in a book. It was during this period that the consecration of the cod fishing industry took place, through an implicit parallel with the Portuguese voyages of the so-called Discoveries. We went in search of more stories and images, reflecting on them and on the contexts from where they emerged.

It was from this region of hardened fishermen that for many years the fleets and their crews would leave for Newfoundland. In Portugal, cod was cooked in politics, in economic relations, in religious beliefs, in the need for social cohesion and in its cultural symbolism. What was cooked was not a fish, but rather something symbolic which, like all symbols, has its preparation time.

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