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Treat yourself, spend some quality time with a friend, or get to know someone new during an active Anchorage day out. Here are a few of our favorite fun-filled ideas for date night or morning or afternoon in Anchorage. Lace up your skates and head to Westchester Lagoon to catch the sunset or sunrise on ice. Warm up with hot chocolate from a nearby cafe.


If you want touristy but quality dining, then Orso right downtown on 5th Ave is worth it, for a local favorite hit up Haute Quarter Grill. There are chances to see wildlife, including moose and sea birds. Inthese athletes and dancers performed for our grand opening!

Kayaking and hiking in eklutna lake

If you prefer to do things in a group or with a local expert, then book a group bike tour of the Coastal Trail with all your equipment included. Our winters are so dark, and Anchorage explodes with lots of twinkle lights good date ideas Anchorage AK keep you entertained while walking downtown. Most of our breweries have a tasty food cart outside, ready to serve up something local when you get the beer munchies. One of the best wine selections paired with local seafood is at Marx Brothersan intimate quality establishment.

I mentioned that Anchorage is a diverse city with some fantastic fusion cuisines. One of the most important things to remember when visiting Anchorage is that you are on Native land. One of the best ways to do this is to head to any of our markets, such as the downtown Saturday market, and shop the stalls for something unique. The Athabascan People are Indigenous to interior Alaska.

If your whole group wants to sit back and relax and not pay for Uber or be DD, then book yourself a guided tour. Be warned, though, in the summer, the line is around the block. Use the table of contents to jump to your favorite category, including food, culture, history, adventure, nature, and more! If you book your tour with an expert like Greatland Adventuresthey will give you some photography tips and check the forecast.

I highly recommend the Glacier Discovery whistly stop train for a customizable day trip to see wildlife, glaciers and explore the off-the-beaten paths.

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So, easily one of the best things you can do in Anchorage is to purchase a true one-of-a-kind souvenir that is Alaskan-made. I took this photo at 1 am on summer solstice from Flat Top Mountain. You can even have some of these delicacies shipped to your friends and family — or your own house. Spenard Roadhouse is a hit with gourmet tater tots and comfort food, Alaskan style. You can take the Girdwood Tram, drink craft beer, go hiking, or go to the spa at the Alyeska Hotel before returning to Anchorage the same day.

If you are an avid hiker, then you can head up the trail to the peak for a view that stretches as far as the eye can see. If you have access to a car, then head to WooHoo!

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If you have only a limited time in Anchorage, these are my top recommendations to ensure you get a taste of everything the city has to offer. Honestly, beer and scenic outdoor adventures make my top list of best things to do in Anchorage, so this is like a dream combination! If you know me, you know by now that even though I live in Munich, the thing that I miss the most about Alaska is the craft beer. Order up a flat white and a Brown Bag sandwich for a midday pick-me-up. Whatever it is that makes people living in cold climates crave ice cream, Alaskans do dessert right.

As a life-long Alaskan, Russ only recommends ethical and locally owned businesses for an authentic Alaskan experience. Both Ginger and Tequila 61 have creative cocktail menus to shake things up. Anchorage has some top-notch restaurants where you can get some amazing food without a lot of fuss. It is a great way to get out of Anchorage for the day and ride one of the most scenic railways in the U. My suggested route is to take the train from Anchorage to Girdwood and spend the day exploring my favorite town in the extended Anchorage area.

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Alaskans eat more ice cream than anyone else in the world. F Street has excellent pub food, like their crab sandwich in a cozy downtown pub! Downtown Anchorage is full of historic charm and lots of blooming flowers in the summer. Alaska has more coffee shops than any other state per capita.

This space is cozy and optimized for reading and working. Pretty cool, huh? If you happen to see Perk Up, they are a local favorite. Since I spent my entire childhood and early adult years in Anchorage and I still have plenty of friends still working in the arts, entertainment, and tourism industries, I have the best list of things to do in Anchorage. So, here are the top 70 things to do in Alaska with local approval without further adieu! If a train ride in Alaska is on your bucket list, then combine good date ideas Anchorage AK Anchorage and Talkeetna breweries with a scenic train ride between the two locations.

Some recommended tours, businesses, hotels, and excursions may be closed at this time. Haute Quarter Grill also has King Crab legs that are to die for, along with other seafood delights. If you are looking for a tasty bakery, then your local favorite Fire Island is a must. Anchoragites are known for dressing casually while we enjoy tasty treats. Some of our best seafood can be found downtown at famous Simon and Seaforts or Orso. As you progress along the path, the view looking back on Anchorage gets better and better.

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We pride ourselves on the creative genius of locals for everything from the hottest fashion trends, beauty products, artisanal food, and more. There is some rock scrambling toward the very top, and it might not be the best option for non-hikers.

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If you want to skip the crowds, go where locals eat, then check out Kincaid Grillwhich features fresh Alaskan oysters, cod, halibut, salmon, and my favorite Alaskan scallops. As a tour guide, I often picked up guests as they came off the cruise ship stuffed to the brim with crab and salmon and wanted something different. It is important to awknowledge this as you explore Anchorage. They have special nights featuring live music and poetry slams.

If you are planning on hiking to the top, save a few hours to give yourself time to hike and take in the view. The locals tend to drink spirits as quickly as they are produced, but keep an eye on the local menus for cocktails made with local liquor, or head to the Anchorage Distillery for a tour, or buy spirits from Goldrush liquor for some hotel cocktails.

Did someone say beer? Even as far as 15th ave there, are flower baskets hanging from giant fishing poles.

70+ unique things to do in anchorage recommended by a local

That means you can start a hike at 10 pm or go out for a rooftop drink at 9 pm. I may earn income from affiliate links or partnerships in this post. Steam Dot downtown is a newer addition, but they are easily one of the best. For the true coffee lovers that want a slow coffee, stop by Uncle Leroys for the best coffee in Anchorage.

Flat Top is a bit hard to access, but the drive is worth it. If you want a fusion twist on Alaskan favorites, then Ginger has the best Asian fusion with a fantastic cocktail menu. I just went to get an ice cream milkshake with my dad in degree weather — no joke. Yes- we farm yak and reindeer up here! They optimize their trips for the best chances to see the lights, and you can purchase an insurance guarantee for a small fee.

Rustic Goat has a lovely patio with modern food in a hipster setting.


Anchorage has a fun little cocktail scene hidden among the dive bars. Or for more information on the general craft brewery scene in Alaska, check out my 3- feature in Seabourn Club Herald pp The Alaska Railroad is hands down one of my favorite things to do in the Anchorage area. It might be a bit expensive, but it is an excellent value for everything you get. Thank you Bret Hanson for this wonderful picture. Flightseeing is just hands down one of the best things you can do in Anchorage. If not, you can take the Flat Top Shuttle that will get you from downtown Anchorage and back.

Anchorage has a thriving street food and food truck scene. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a stretch of a shared bike and walking trail that goes from the heart of downtown along the coast. And if you are looking for a tour operator to help you plan an authentic Alaskan experience, then book with a Native-owned Downtown Tour Group. When people think of Anchorage, they think of seafood. Anchorage has a few museums that are top-notch, with two, in particular, rising to the top, the Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

If you are visiting in the winter and seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, then make sure you book a Northern Light Tour. Snow City Cafe is a tasty but popular spot for brunch.

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You will be guided by a Native who sits on a Tribal Council, learning about Native culture and history and how it relates to the Anchorage area — all while seeing the highlights of the city. I was also a tour guide in Alaska for quite some time, and my guests loved hearing all the local insider tips I had for the best things to do, eat, experience, and see in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Sweet Chalet has the best artisanal chocolate with hand-painted aurora-inspired chocolates. For the most popular ice cream in Anchorage, check out Wild Scoops downtown. To avoid drinking and driving, stay downtown and check out 49th State Brewing. For classic cocktails with an Alaskan twist, check out SubZero Microlounge. One of the best things about Alaskans is that we catch or sustainably hunt most of our food, and many of us rely on subsistence hunting and gathering to survive our long winters. Please do independent research. I think their locally sourced ingredients and unique mixes are worth the wait, but others disagree.

So, one of the best ways to experience Anchorage like a local is to eat some of our fresh seafood or try some of the different meats served in Alaska. If you are around in the winter, then check out the town square for ice skating and twinkle lights.

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Anchorage, Alaska, was my hometown for 26 years. In the town of Girdwood, you must try the Double Musky, the best restaurants in the state. Kincaid Grill also has a great meat selection and has seasonal rotating dishes. Resting at the foot of mountains and snuggled against an inlet, Anchorage is a city to connect with nature and local culture in a way not found anywhere else.

If you are looking to do a walking tour of Anchorage, book with AK Finest.

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Anchorage is a town of endless opportunities, especially in the summer seasons when sunlight is plentiful.


Aside from having the distinction of being Alaska's largest city, Anchorage benefits from all of the natural beauty that is both within it and around it.