Guinness Travelling To DC To Witness Trump’s ‘Inevitable Tweeting Record’

The truth is right in front of you

A representative from the offices of Guinness World Records is on his way to Washington, DC to witness a record that many around the globe feel will be broken any day now. And the man they feel will win the honor of holding that record is none other than our very own President Donald Jehoshaphat Trump who may soon unleash the most tweets ever in a single day.

The President has been training hard for this in the past week. He seems determined to ensure that the tweeting title bears his name. The past few days alone have seen tireless effort on his part with tweet numbers ranging from in the 80s to over 120. He very nearly hit 1000 in the past week and seems to setting his sights on winning the Guinness prize sooner rather than later.

Trump has been working toward this achievement since his inauguration.

Guinness rep, Joe Barron, told us a little about the requirements to become champion tweeter of the world:

“We will need to actually see him type and send the tweets. No subs allowed. Both tweets and retweets are acceptable as long he alone is sending them.

He will be required to abandon his life fully for the day and devote himself entirely to his tweeting labor. That means no family time, no friends, no work. We need to see commitment. From what I’ve observed from afar, the President shouldn’t have any issues there.

We would prefer to see the tweets become progressively more unhinged but that not a necessity to win. That’s just for my entertainment. Again, the candidate seems to have mastered that.

All in all, I’d say that President Trump has a pretty good shot at this.”

This would be quite an achievement for our president and a well-deserved one at that. Let’s wish him luck!