New Government Deal Includes 6.8 Billion For National Gun Registry


You’ve probably heard that a compromise deal has been made between Republican senators and Congressional Democrats to avoid another government shutdown past Friday.  What you probably didn’t hear from the lamestream media is that in addition to only providing a billion and change for border security, Democrats want 6.8 billion dollars to create a national gun registry.  They believe it’s a good idea to know exactly who owns guns.  By name.  That sound you hear is Thomas Jefferson rolling over in his grave.

Descendents of Jefferson’s slaves are still obligated to rotate his corpse at least twice a year.

Pelosi and her cadre of criminals just can’t resist the urge to disarm the populace, this we know.  What’s worse is that some Republican RINOs seem to have caved to her demands.  Many of these turncoats feel that since the President’s approval rating has sunk to record lows, they can slowly stop pretending to ignore his obvious onset of dementia.  It looks like swamp politics as usual.

“It’s hard…out here…for…a pimp…”

Democrats are obviously attempting to trick President Trump into signing the gun grabbery by knowing he won’t actually read anything longer than the label on a bottle of lube.  So far, no major news network has even mentioned the registry trap, except briefly on Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro show, where “they takin your guns” appeared for a second and a half on her panties when she turned sideways on her stripper chair.

Pirro’s husband Elmer often wishes that both his ears and penis were numb.

Should we be forced to reveal to the government that we possess a firearm in case it’s stolen or linked to a crime?  I know a real American’s answer.  Let’s hope President Trump saw that panty flash.

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