Guy Named Steve Personifies The Current State Of Stupidity In The US

We all know what’s wrong with this country. Weaponized stupidity. The ability to defy logic completely and still find a way to come out on top. Minority rule.

I give you…Steve. Let’s set the stage. Imagine you’re outside the looking glass. You peek in, and what do you see tapping away on the Lenovo laptop he picked up at the local church rummage sale for $15? This guy:

You think to yourself. hahaha. That’s funny. Look at him. He looks like he was rode hard and put away wet about 20 years ago. Whoever came up with that guy deserves a meme-making medal.

Then you realize that it was actually that guy who sent you the picture to prove how young and virile he is. And that he was serious.

You say to yourself, “self…how did we get here?” And your self replies, “It’s simple, stupid. We thought to laugh at them was enough.”

It wasn’t, because this turd was serious. He’s an internet dynamo. He’s evolved past all of the arguments and gone straight to where he can hurt you the most. He calls your friends and harasses people where you work. He sends disturbing messages and likes to reference penises a lot. He also seems infatuated with telling the parents of little girls how much they probably enjoy coitus. Because…stupid is as stupid does.

As it turns out, stupid is really all it is. It’s a wannabe internet troll, but in real life, it’s a loser who beat his wife and lost his family before bouncing around from apartment to trailer park, with intermittent stays here and there for operating under the influence, petty theft, and passing bad checks.

Now it’s landed in subsidized government housing for the elderly and disabled, qualifying as disabled because of injuries it caused itself or alcoholism exasperated by narcissistic personality disorder that has rendered it useless to society.

So now it lives on the internet. It spends its day in the dumbest place it can find, any Trump group, Facebook USA, and there…it becomes a god for idiots.

It has a Michigan helmet for a profile pic but it went to Saginaw State. It lies about its life and sells a story to those he knows are constitutionally incapable of independent thought. It becomes a success in a former profession with a happy home life and a family who adores it. All of its dreams come true through a magical little cable it doesn’t even pay for in its all-utilities-included Housing Authority apartment.

The other 118 tenants are completely oblivious that it spends its days leading armies of fake profiles it created for itself along with the three sycophants it keeps on tap — in case he needs backup — into battles against nobody, for the sole purpose of giving itself a reason to be. Between them, they’re a hundred strong. In reality, they’re 4 dickbags with no life.

It spends all day every day harassing complete strangers. Making enemies of people who would otherwise have just walked by and chuckled at its sad existence. All the while convincing its little mini-tribe of morons that its a successful, happy person.

It has no actual skills of its own, so it regurgitates what those who point at it and laugh tell it. “You’re a geriatric turd who can’t get it up without your internet rage.” “You troll like its 2009.” Other such things it picks up from its betters, always trying to adapt to a game it plays with itself.

It projects its own failures onto others because it allows it to get through until the alcohol kicks in, about noon, and then it tells you about your kids, because it was born and raised in an area ripe with pedophiles, and that must seem normal.

It calls you fat. It calls black people n****r and women c**t. It gay bashes and trans bashes and cares about nothing. It tells you all about how unsuccessful you are because it lost everything and went bankrupt. It will tell you how ugly your family is because it’s won’t answer the phone. It will post your pictures and look up your address. It will call you at 3 AM just to scream a drunken rant that somehow makes it a winner. Again.

It has zero purpose other than to drain its community of resources and occupy an apartment an elderly person could use far worse.

It’s a loser. And in that world of Trump groups, it’s large and in charge.

The difference between this thing and the minions it can aim and fire at innocent targets? It has a second-rate education that’s slightly better than 97 percent of the morons in the groups it lives in who wouldn’t pass 8th-grade in a blue state.

With an IQ hovering somewhere between 90 and stark-raving lunatic but still barely average, it rules in its little world, and to win it merely needs to engage. It doesn’t care what it actually accomplishes, which is nothing, but rather what its 3 minions think it accomplishes.

They believe it’s that thing it says it is. They believe it when it tells them it’ll be in Buffalo for a conference, even though it’s not licensed to practice…anywhere. They believe it owns a nice home, even though it has no deeds in its name…anywhere. They believe it’s a great dad with a loving family, even though it has one kid who barely tolerates it and zero friends outside the rec room at the home.

Why? Because stupidity in America has been weaponized to the point that turds like this thing exist.

Until someone comes along and makes it stop.

Vote blue in 2020. Stop the turd tidal wave.

help end this dystopian nightmare!


Support Women’s health and the freedom of choice!

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