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Additionally, she teaches intermediate and advanced Japanese at Seisen University in Tokyo Japan since Estay-Izumi sensei, a native born Japanese citizen comes with a wealth of education, teaching and work experience. The principals of supply and demand curves will be studied.

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You can step from a bustling market into a quiet park, from a frenetic dance club to a serene temple. However, participants may find that their greatest cultural learning will come from day-to-day life when discovering Tokyo on their own, and come to understand how unique and special the city is. With an internationally-focused curriculum, students are enthusiastically welcomed by bilingual Japanese students and professors.

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Spend your winter break in vibrant Tokyo, Japan! Both anime and manga will be examined with particular emphasis on the art, culture and national and international popularity.

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Practical use and observing of the language will be emphasised. Okada sensei, a native born Japanese citizen, comes with a wealth of education, teaching and work experience. Choose to study Japanese language or take an English-taught course in business, culture, the arts or social sciences.

We will discuss the reasoning and rationale that drives people to make choices in the marketplace as well as the short-term and long-term financial implications of those decisions. Founded in by Reverend Yasuzo Shimizu, J. Oberlin University aims to not only impart book knowledge to students but also at helping them to acquire a broad liberal arts education and the ability to make their own decisions. Cultural Immersion Harajuku dating Mississippi riding on the packed yet silent subway, to heading out to sample Japanese cuisine at Izakaya exquisite Japanese dinersliving in Tokyo will be filled with cultural experiences every day.

Please to discuss your situation and we will work with you to help find another suitable program if required. Topics will include hikikomori shut-ins that refuse to leave the home for work or schoolchronic over-work including karoshi death from overworkingdeclining population and the population bomb, and extreme population density in cities. This program is hosted at J. Oberlin University at the Shinjuku campus. He also pitches projects and establishes new relations with international markets and harajuku dating Mississippi.

Students can choose to attend one, two or all three 2-week sessions. The focus of this course is to give an expansive outline of gender, sexuality and society with a specific spotlight on contemporary Japanese society. Participants on this program will stay in single, apartment-style rooms. Shinjuku is buzzing with entertainment, galleries, theatres, bookstores, shopping, nightclubs, karaoke rooms, observation decks and upscale hotel bars and restaurants.

We will understand the history and analyse art, film and visual culture to better understand contemporary social and cultural aspects and issues in Japan. Location Set in the bustling city of Tokyo, the University campus is in the heart of it all. Introduction to modern spoken Japanese through aural-oral drills and exercises, and mastery of the basic grammatical structures.

It would take several lifetimes to explore all that Tokyo has to offer. Tools and strategies for financial planning will be examined. She also speaks English fluently, basic Spanish, and basic Chinese as well. The program is deed so that interpersonal connections between Japanese and CISaustralia students can easily be made.

Tokyo is one of a kind. The county has the 10th largest population in the world with million, who enjoy the highest life expectancy and third lowest infant mortality in the world. This program is based at J. Courses are available in business, culture, the arts, social sciences and Japanese language beginner and intermediate.

July in tokyo, japan at oberlin university

There is everything from amazing food, shopping, karaoke, festivals, dance clubs and markets, to quiet and peaceful parks, gardens and temples all within the city centre and outskirts. Emphasis on the spoken language, although there will also be exposure to enough of the Japanese writing systems to meet practical needs. Subjects covered will be international cooperation, trade, international law, security, conflict and human rights issues.

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Practical use and observing of the language will be emphasized. Students can spend their free time visiting the world-famous markets, shrines and museums that Tokyo is known for, or can spend their time exploring quiet neighbourhoods by bicycle, interacting with street vendors and food cart owners. The country embodies a strong, warm and welcoming spirit with a rich culture ready to be explored by any traveller. Originally from the United Kingdom, Dr. He is an Assistant Producer of Animation where he plans and develops co-productions of animation at a studio with overseas partners.

Shinjuku: Oberlin University has received recognition for its innovative academic organisation; systematic, tiered undergraduate curriculum; student advising and online learning systems; career guidance; and its support for students with disabilities. This course will provide a general overview of Japanese society and culture in the postwar period. Students will have the opportunity to explore a refreshing and stimulating side of the world, with something harajuku dating Mississippi everyone.

Huge, stylish, exciting, bold and incredibly fun, Tokyo is a one-of-a-kind city.

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Participants in this program will have the chance to learn the Japanese language, history and culture first-hand, as well as partake in activities built into the program to get to know local students. The Tokyo metropolitan area is the most populous place in the entire world and is home to absolutely everything!

Takagi sensei, a native born Japanese citizen, comes with a wealth of education, teaching and harajuku dating Mississippi experience. This course will cover an introduction to microeconomic and macroeconomic principals. The country has drawn influences from the rest of Asia for thousands of years, taking in and refining aspects to create something distinctly Japanese. Life in Tokyo is fast-paced, vibrant and steeped in culture. The local university students are globally-minded, warm, welcoming and eager to learn from and share with international students.

Oberlin students acquire practical experience through a variety of programs, including language study and academic exchange programs as well as volunteer programs and internship opportunities.

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There is an endless of other activities students can explore on their own at own expenseboth in Tokyo and the surrounding areas:. This course will introduce students to the historical background and modern social implications of contemporary Japanese culture. International Welcome Study at a local university with a global focus, allowing you to make friends from Japan and around the world. We will analyse the nature of the Japanese aesthetic and of post-war Japanese Cinema in contemporary Japan.

This high-intermediate Japanese course is an introduction to modern spoken Japanese through aural-oral drills and exercises, and introduction of the more complex grammatical structures. This program will show students some of the best sites the city has to offer.

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Intermediate introduction to modern spoken Japanese through aural-oral drills and exercises, and mastery of the basic grammatical structures. With an enrollment of over 9, students, many of them from overseas, the university seeks to foster global citizens. The focus of this course is an introduction to film and visual art culture in Japan. Emphasis on the spoken language of different types of speech styles casual, formal, polite, etc. Course Load: 1 course per 2-week session. If studying Japanese language, students will take a placement test during the program orientation.

Experience natural beauty, taste amazing food, see some wild style and live in what many consider to be the most incredible city in the world! As part of the two-day orientation, together with the help of Japanese students, CIS participants will start getting familiar with their local neighbourhood, learn the city subway and train system, get to know the university campus and its facilities, meet faculty and staff, learn some Japanese culture tips and start exploring the wonders of Tokyo!

If your current GPA falls below harajuku dating Mississippi requirement, you may still be considered for the program but will need to be prepared to provide supporting documentation.

Tokyo tourism representatives

Part of the course will focus on Japanese animation within a historic and popular cultural perspective. Japan is a land of endless contrasts and extremes, combining a unique and exciting blend of both the modern and the ancient. Current events will be discussed and how states interact with each other. We will explore a wide range of artistic mediums including music, art, manga, animation, fashion, advertising, and film. Excursions included within the program may vary from year to year, but here is a sample list of activities students may participate in:.

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CIS students have the opportunity to learn the language, history and culture first-hand in an incredible setting. Class content exposes material from sociologists, historians, journalists, and literary scholars to analyse how gender and sexuality have been socially developed and experienced in post war Japan.

Applications are now open for January and July Please contact CISaustralia for more details.

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In addition, the course will cover a basic overview of personal finance with a focus on savings and investment strategies. The program includes visits to temples, shrines, parks, gardens, museums and other famous sites to show students the best of the city. A variety of topics will be covered as well as video art and film festivals.

Students will take ONE course per session. This course has an introductory characteristic and with a special focus on Japanese management style. She also speaks English fluently, intermediate Spanish, and basic German as well.

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Students need to pay their deposit to secure their place on this highly sought after program. The best thing to do in Tokyo is to embrace it all, including the food, the festivals and the karaoke. Academic Requirement: To qualify for this program, students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 4. The housing and university are right in the middle of all of the action.

Program overview

With an enrollment of over 9, students, many of them from overseas, the university seeks to foster global citizens and to nurture individuals who will be able to understand others and deal with circumstances in a spirit of cooperation. This course is a survey of Japanese popular culture with particular topics covered such as anime manga, fashion, music, art and food. In addition, the concepts of kaizen continuous improvementand wa social harmony will be introduced and analysed.

Traditional culture of Kyoto geisha dance and the beautiful Zen rock gardens has evolved to also embody a contemporary-art scene, dynamic de and pop-culture trends. Basic money management and investment techniques will be compared and analysed. We will also include topics on gender, society, family, national values, race and ethnicity and the ways they are portrayed in content and form. Japan is a stratovolcanic archipelago of 6, islands.