Trump Outraged By MSNBC ‘Cartooning’ His Image

The truth is right in front of you

Fake news liberal left wing media source, MSNBC, never lets an opportunity pass to try to disparage, slander, or humiliate President Trump. They post fake polls declaring his unpopularity. They dub voices over his words to attempt to smear him, offering that he’s said the most vile, disgusting, crooked, and inhuman things. They post fabricated videos of him doing the most uncaring things, like throwing rolls of paper towels at victims of flooding in Puerto Rico. But we see right through their lies. Their attempts to make him appear as a huge buffoon are seen for what they are. So now the network has adopted a new tactic. They are using photographic filters over his live images to humiliate him.

The filters were changed periodically

The filters are common to such phone apps as “Snapchat” and “Messenger”. Comical images are superimposed over your face. These could be anything from mouse whiskers to demonic eyes or any of another huge variety of options. In the case of the last Trump Address to the American people, MSNBC chose cartoon dog head stuff.

Trump appeared on the screens of millions worldwide with dog ears, a dog nose, and a huge dog tongue hanging out of his steely jaw. This was not known by the president or White House staff, not even by the cameramen. It was done back at MSNBC  studios entirely at the behest of lesbian propagandist, Rachel Maddow, who is said to have laughed non-stop about it for  several days. When that subsided, she forwarded the video to world leaders and almost died laughing again.

Some viewers suggested the filters made him appear likeable for the first time ever.

This type of behavior makes us look weak to our enemies and destroys our image as a “wise father figure” to our allies. It is treason. Maddow should be arrested.