Hillary Clinton Eaten Alive By Orca At Sea World

The truth is right in front of you

Tragedy at San Diego Sea World today where Hillary Clinton met her end.

Clinton was on vacation, stopping in at the famous family-friendly aquarium, when she was recognized at the killer whale show and invited for a close-up greeting with the big mammalian fish things. She delighted in the thought and ran down the stairs to the pool with enthusiasm.

Once there and within inches of the grand creature, she could not hold back her glee, hugging and petting her with joy. But then, as Hillary often did, she got greedy.

“I want to stick my head in her mouth!” she was heard to exclaim.

When it was explained to her that such an act was only to be performed by trained professionals, she flew into a rage, pouting and slamming her fists on the beast. Staff eventually relented, wishing to shut her up, but warned her to follow their instructions  explicitly, lest anything go wrong.

So Clinton readied herself, holding her sizeable noggin close to the whale’s gaping jaw. But Shamu must have been displeased by the former First Lady’s angry fists hitting her sides moments earlier, for at her first opportunity, the orca grabbed Clinton and swallowed her whole. Mrs Clinton’s voice could be heard as she travelled down the whale’s gullet, crying,”I should have been presideeeeeeent!”

This was a tragedy that could have been easily avoided with more sense and less selfishness.

RIP Hillary Clinton. May you swim with the whales in the oceans of heaven.