Hillary Clinton Electrocuted To Death Trying To Climb Trump’s Wall

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton died today as a result of her inexplicable and fierce opposition to our border security. She’s always called for open borders, so the idea of the wall going up to prevent that from becoming a reality was abhorrent to her. This irrational hatred for our safety has now brought her doom.

Clinton travelled to the US-Mexican border today to take a look at the great accomplishment of our president. Once there, she guffawed at the tremendous sight of THE WALL, calling it “useless” and a “waste of taxpayer money.”

In an effort to prove this point, Clinton announced her attention to cross the barrier. And so she climbed. Or, at least she tried. For unbeknownst to the former First Lady, THE WALL had recently been electrified with one million volts. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

It only took seconds for Clinton to meet her demise. Upon placing of her two hands on the fence, the electricity kicked on and fried her like bacon. The stench of her burning flesh could be smelled for miles around. Hillary Clinton was dead, a victim of her own vanity and stupidity.

RIP Hillary. May your attempt to tear down the walls in heaven be equally unsuccessful.