Hillary Clinton Murdered By Her Now Grown Adopted Alien Baby

The truth is right in front of you

Back in the 80s, newspapers widely reported the adoption by Hillary Clinton of an alien baby. It was scandalous news and people were shocked to hear of it.

It seems that there had been a UFO crash in Arkansas while Bill and Hillary Clinton were still living there. There was a single alien survivor from the crash…..and it was pregnant. The prognosis for its survival was not good and it feared for the life of its child. Hillary Clinton, being kind-hearted as she is, decided upon a solution to the poor creature’s problem. That was to adopt the extra terrestrial child herself upon its birth, should its host not survive.

The alien parent did not make it through childbirth and so Hillary followed through on her promise, taking in the young one – whom she named “Zack” – and lovingly raising it as her own. The creature was, by all accounts, happy living with his human family, as were Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton.

That is why what happened today is so baffling to all. After leaving home to make its own way in the world two decades ago, Zack returned today only to slaughter its adopted mother. Hillary was found dead in her home, fatally wounded by a probe inserted quite far into her rectum. She was 72.

Zach is on the run and is being sought for questioning by authorities. We pray it is apprehended before the bloodlust consumes it again.

RIP Hillary. Your love for aliens will never be forgotten, nor will your hatred for humanity . American humanity.