Hillary Clinton Revealed As Alien; Killed By Her Own Species

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton died today, a victim of the murderous intent of her own people. No, not the DNC. Not liberals. Not the Epstein Fan Club. Not even those involved in Pizzagate. By “her own people” we mean her own species. By her own species, we mean an alien life form. Like, from outer space. Another planet. ET.

Hillary’s body was found today by officials in Arkansas. Her body was described as “ripped wide open, exposing another body beneath.” The explanation for this statement will shock you.

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s human appearance was nothing more than a façade. It was a convincing, lifelike suit designed to cover her true self…..that of an extraterrestrial, one very closely resembling those seen in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” with the large skulls, gangly bodies, and large, black, pupilless eyes. Or maybe they’re just one huge pupil. Either or.

A note was found beside the body and it read as follows:

“People of Terra,

It seems you are smarter than we gave you credit for. You saw through our attempt to install one of our own as the leader of your world.

Our plant, the one you know as ‘Hillary Clinton,’ was meant to take over the world through subterfuge and eventually enslave mankind to do our bidding.

You beat us and so we will withdraw. As a show of our contrition, we have eliminated the one we inflicted upon you.

Sincerely and with our deepest apologies,

The People of Gdhhhh”

So there you have it. Hillary really was inhuman. But she was still one of God’s creations. And so…

RIP Hillary. May the mothership take you home.