Hillary Dead After Caught Cheating With Biden

The truth is right in front of you

Former President Bill Clinton’s philandering is common knowledge to the American public. But what nobody seemed aware of is that his wife, Hilary, also had an appetite for extramarital affairs. She was just far more discreet. It had been rumored that she had multiple affairs over the years but evidence of this never turned up. And Bill never had a clue. Until now.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is deceased at the hands of her husband after he caught her in bed with former Vice-President, Joe Biden. It’s not known whether the affair had gone on very long or if the fatal event was a simple one night stand but it is irrelevant. All Bill Clinton saw was betrayal and he snuffed out her life in what attorneys are calling an “act of passion”.

The former President arrived at their home to find the two in their marital bed and this so enraged him that he poked his wife in the eye, unaware of his own strength as his finger travelled through her eye socket and into her brain. Death was instantaneous.

Moe had a technique that Bill was not trained in.

Fortunately, Clinton was unable to do the same to Biden who fled screaming into the street without a stitch of clothing on him. Unfortunately, several women thought him some kind of pervert  and doused him with mace, choking him and also bringing about his demise.

Two tragic deaths because of infidelity. Horrible but just.