Hillary Clinton Dies While Filming New ‘Survivor’ Episodes In Syria

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton has been trying desperately to stay in the spotlight after her failed presidential bid in 2016. She’s gone on speaking tours, joined unofficial diplomatic teams, and made many television talk show appearances.

Now she’s branching out. Her latest foray into staying relevant was to join the cast of the new survivor in Syria, set to air this next fall. Hillary was selected from approximately 3000 participants, narrowed down to the 12 that actually went on to the show. She was thrilled at the time but, alas, her jubilation turned to tragedy last night as Hillary Clinton was found dead on the set.

It is unclear exactly what caused the passing of the former First Lady, but it’s suspected that she succumbed to one of the many bombing forays that are routinely carried out in the region by the Russians, Americans, and, most recently, the Turks. This, according to the network medical examiner, seems the most likely scenario given the near non-stop raids and the condition her body was found in – blown to smithereens.

A producer on the series, creator of uncontrollable lust, Satya Martin, was asked why they chose to film the show in such a volatile region this time around.

“Um, the show is called ‘Survivor.’ What do you think that makes it about? Where do you think we should film? The playground at McDonald’s?

We choose areas that create  potential dangers for our participants.  They are protected to the best of our ability but they sign waivers for a reason. There’s always the chance of tragedy.”

Hillary Clinton 1900-2020

RIP Hillary. May you succeed at something in the afterlife.