Hillary Confesses:’I Am The Greatest Criminal Mastermind The World Has Ever Known. I’m Untouchable. I’m A Genius’

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton’s actions have been investigated repeatedly over the past 40 years. Whether it be Whitewater, Benghazi, the hundreds of murders of her associates that she is linked to, voter fraud, supporting terrorism, or the Kennedy assassinations, she always emerges unscathed, without a scratch on her. This lends the appearance of innocence but everyone from the general public to law enforcement knows that is not the case. She’s guilty alright, we’ve just been unable to gather sufficient evidence to prove it despite considerable effort.

She’s always been cocky about this, smiling smugly as she’s questioned and appearing nonchalant, like she’s not bothered in the least by being publicly accused of criminality over and over again. Well now it appears that her slipperiness has all gone completely to her head. On Friday morning, Clinton fired off this tweet:

As you can see, our former First Lady openly admitted to being a lifelong criminal, taunting federal authorities with her words. She is responsible for the deaths of 279 that we know of and has scammed hardworking Americans of millions of dollars and she shows absolutely no remorse. Rather, she makes it known that she’s proud of her dirty deeds. Follow-up tweets proclaimed “I’m a genius” and “Nyah nah nah nah nah nah.”

AG Barr has taken these tweets as a personal challenge, saying:

“Evil cannot be allowed to win. We will stop at nothing to see that this woman is locked up and justice is done.”

It looks like Hillary’s arrogance may backfire on her. The Justice Department is angry now and will be pouring all their resources into Clinton’s prosecution.