Holland’s Enormous Cancer Rate Proves Windmills Cause Cancer

Trump was right!

Two days ago, President Trump made the not-so-bold claim that the noise from windmills causes cancer.  “Cancerous tumors,” he went on to say,” Nobody knows more about malignant growths than I do.”

Since then, know-nothing liberals have been attempting to mock him relentlessly but they have failed because President Trump does not lie. And he does not speak as an authority on subjects that he is not expert on. This has been evidenced time and time again. Who could forget his introduction of clean coal to the masses? Or the time he assured us that Mexico would pay for the wall? The magnitude of his intelligence will be noted in the history books as one of the greatest ever.

Now a recently revealed study from the Netherlands – home of windmills – has proven once again that he is always right. The study, conducted by The Hollandaise Advanced Cancer Kollege (HACK), looked at cancer rates within that nation compared to the world at large. What it found was shocking to them……but not to President Trump. It seems that the proliferation of windmills in Holland likely contributes to Holland having the highest rate of cancers per capita in the entire world. One hundred in one hundred people within the windmill driven nation are riddled with cancer. The following pie chart offers a visual of the data


So, once again, it is obvious that Trump’s head for science was correct. His instinct combined with his sound research capabilities gave us information we can rely on, as always. What a breath of fresh air it is to have a leader with a brain.