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Being the first one to stay there. Come meet us InTown to see our amazing premium suites, featuring a ridiculously great kitchen, shiny new appliances and cabinets. We have a limited amount of Premium suites, book your renovated suite now! We are located less than a mile from Oakwood University.


You can keep your currentor pick a new one. No way! Please also give our construction support team a call at If you have any concerns whatsoever during the construction process, feel free to reach out to our construction support team at Please note if you live in a single family home, it may take time before we can schedule your installation appointment. Most recently-produced computers and laptops already support gigabit speeds.

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Please note that rotary dial phones and some older push-button phones do not work with Fiber Phone. If you want to keep your current TV service and still get Google Fiber, you can. You can make long distance calls from your Google Fiber Phone service at home, your mobile phone, and your computer. Calls made on home phone will be added to your next Google Fiber bill. Find more information here. Want to stay up to date as we grow? Huntsville Utilities is still in the process of building its fiber network.

Currently, we are offering services in multiple areas of Huntsville.

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With Fiber Phone you can use your existing or choose a new one. Just pick one of our Internet plans. We want you to use and enjoy your super fast Internet. We work with the appropriate local authorities to obtain the rights to utilize these locations, just like other service providers such as water and electric. To learn more about what it takes to build this network, check out our behind-the-scenes blog post here.

Your network device includes powerful Wi-Fi deed to give you access to Google Fiber throughout your home. Our installers will work with you to find the ideal placement of the Fiber Jack and cabling inside your home. Google Fiber offers a wide range of entertainment On Demand.

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A lot of the network we build is placed within areas called easements or rights of waywhich are often adjacent to or across private property. To stay updated, check your address. However, the Wi-Fi technology in our Network Box will provide for great connectivity.

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If you have an with either Vudu and Netflix, you can access them through the built-in player in your TV Box. Fiber Phone is a service that allows you to make and receive home phone calls using your Fiber Internet connection.

If construction work has been completed in your area and you notice that your property has yet to be restored, contact Google Fiber if you have a complaint or issue. Service will be unavailable during a power outage unless you set up a battery backup or Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS in your home. At first, we'll be working out in the street to connect the Fiber network to the outside of your home.

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Building a network is a lot of work, so you may see or hear construction crews working on weekends. One gigabit per second Gbps is megabits Mbpsa way to measure both speed and capacity for an internet connection. One megabit per second Mbps is kilobits, the standard speed of the average cable internet connection download speed.

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Whether wired or over Wi-Fi, the more people use an internet connection, the slower it may go. To learn more about Fiber Phone, please visit our Help Center. Please visit our Help Center to learn more about Fiber Phone.

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We may be able to route the fiber cable around the exterior of your home, or through attics and walls into a room that makes sense for you. Check your address to see if Google Fiber is available in your area. In order to bring Google Fiber to a new city, a whole lot of heavy lifting has to happen.

We will arrive at your home and knock to let you know we're working on your property, but we'll still install the fiber drop even if you're not home. Once construction is completed for your entire neighborhood, crews will come back through to restore your property.

Need help, huntsville? we've got you covered.

We are currently offering our services in northeast Huntsville, the Hampton Cove and Big Cove areas, as well as areas in south Huntsville. There are no caps or limits to the amount of data you can send or receive. We're monitoring the novel coronavirus COVID situation very carefully and taking sensible, recommended precautions. You can see what channels are available, and learn more about additional packages, by visiting the channels. There are no deadlines for apartments and condos. You can check your address for eligibility. The Fiber Jack, which is about the size of a deck of cards, is an Internet converter that connects to your Wi-Fi router.

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Wi-Fi is slower than wired connections. Easements and rights of way are certain rights to access and use public and private property.

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Google Fiber is building an entirely new network to bring high-speed Internet and crystal-clear television to your community. To learn more, visit our Help Center. Unfortunately, we are unable to move or to care for plants that are in an area where we need to build.

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Different ordinances and permitting requirements apply to different neighborhoods, so our ability to work in some areas on weekends is based on those regulations. Google Fiber-certified installers will either string fiber cables on utility poles or bury them in the ground.

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And residents will get the same Internet service and customer experience as other Fiber cities. Google Fiber 2 Gig offers downlo of up to 2 gigabits per second Mbps and uplo of up to 1 gigabit per second. If your appointment is two days or more away, you can change your appointment online by ing into your on the Fiber website.

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Because we are a new provider, we have to install brand new, state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure. Some state and local laws authorize utilities and other service providers, like Google Fiber, to use rights of way and easements. We will leave door hangers before construction crews come to your neighborhood. If you still cannot find it you can submit a request to have your address reviewed by our team through the website or else give us a call at You can also visit our Help Center to learn more about ing up for Google Fiber. Before construction crews come into your neighborhood to build our network, however, we will be sure to leave door hangers so that you have time to move your plants into a safe spot.

Google Fiber 1 Gig gives you internet that can get or send information up to one gigabit per second without data caps.

If you want to keep your currentjust follow a simple transfer process during -up. Sometimes the timeline can also be a bit longer due to unforeseen issues weather, access, equipment issues, etc. Our carefully-crafted de plans require infrastructure to be built in the entire community, which sometimes requires us to access rights of way or easements that could fall next to or across your property. Those door hangers also include our contact information should you have any questions or concerns during the construction process.

Learn more about what affects Wi-Fi speeds.

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There will be more areas of Huntsville opening soon. Yes, Google Fiber is available to residents and small businesses in Huntsville.

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Our top priority is keeping the Google Fiber team, our customers and our community healthy and safe. We'll use the network they build to bring super fast Internet to homes and small businesses in Huntsville. For assistance with other Google products, please call We're excited that Huntsville Utilities, along with the City of Huntsville, is building their own fiber network for the city. Calls made on your mobile phone or on your computer using Google Voice require a credit.

Your installer will help you set up any devices that you ordered, show you how to use them, and make sure everything is working smoothly. To learn more about monthly service and call rates, please visit our Help Center. You can also view changes to the channel line-ups here. Some Google Fiber customers may have plans measured in megabits, offering slower connections that 1 Gig that still provide reliable internet access without data caps. Once we have an agreement with your property manager and have constructed the network in your building, you can up anytime.

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That means enough internet for everyone in your home and all their devices. To learn more about bringing Fiber to your home, please visit our Help Center.

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