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  • How old am I:
  • 25
  • What is my nationaly:
  • American
  • Eye tint:
  • I’ve got misty dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • Gray
  • What I prefer to listen:
  • Reggae


In a day of rampant money-making, gentle Peter Cooper was not only a reformer but successful, widely loved, and rich. Aroundat the feverish height of the Gilded Age, when conventional citizens were in greedy pursuit of the dollar, when the executive branch was vying with the legislative and the judicial as to which would prove the most venal, when monstrous fortunes lay ripe for the hook or the crook, an elderly gentleman of benign aspect commenced to make some distressing remarks, right out loud and in public. What manner of man was this, who launched such jeremi against the rich and respectable? Was he socialist? As it happens, he was a shrewd and exceedingly rich Republican; a leading citizen of New York and, indeed, of the whole country; inventor, industrialist, and ironmaster; troubled social thinker whose ideas came at least a half-century too soon.


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The big mistake was not ousting him but electing him in the first place. Wow, Day runs border-crisis story! Health care union asks Lamont to extend workers' vaccination deadline. Our military didn't have to be rebuilt, it has been the most powerful since World War II. Trump's tax cuts benefited big business and the wealthy the most.

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Trump is a would-be tyrant and his behavior since losing the election and inciting a riot shows a man inept and disgraceful. If jet or gulf streams collapse, we're in for it.

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At first, I was mesmerized by the natural Michael Scanlon Mystic. Taliban forces sweep into Afghan capital after government collapses.

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Will wonders ever cease? Biden team, Murphy surprised by rapid Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

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Fitch football preview: John Luethy and Andre Portillo. Honest Trump review shows dishonest man Published March Bruce Royce Montville. Comment thre are monitored for 48 hours after publication and then closed.

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Mask disputes, outbreaks make for rocky start of school year around U. Why The Day? Back to Top. Connect with us. We've been with you throughout the pandemic, the vaccinations and the reopening of schools, businesses and communities.

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Judge Hillary Strackbein on the state of the courts. Support Local News. Connecticut Port Authority obtains one of two needed permits for State Pier. Please support our work by subscribing today. I have contributed letters to the Day for decades, many brandishing political messages. Letters to the Editor More than a century of Independent Journalism. Letters to the Editor. We still do not have background checks for all wishing to buy firearms.

New London football preview: Mustafa Dannett. Trump pretty much tried to evicerate the Environmental Protection Agency, leading to increased air and water pollution, threatening lives and agriculture. Biden says he stands 'squarely behind' Afghanistan decision.

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Health care union asks Lamont to extend workers' vaccination deadline am. Analysis: How did Biden administration get it so wrong on Afghanistan?

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Took more than Republican voters to back New London police The voters have spoken that the public supports the New London police. When the coronavirus hit the president went AWOL. He boasted about how great the economy was before the virus, taking complete credit, forgetting President Obama got us out of a serious recession and created as many jobs as Trump.

Medicare still cannot negotiate drug prices. There's never been more of a need for the kind of local, independent and unbiased journalism that The Day produces. Stories that may interest you Save the planet I have contributed letters to the Day for decades, many brandishing political messages.

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Biden team, Murphy surprised by rapid Taliban takeover in Afghanistan Taliban forces sweep into Afghan capital after government collapses Biden says he stands 'squarely behind' Afghanistan decision Prior letters have claimed it was a mistake to oust Donald Trump from the presidency. He botched the response, leading to thousands of more deaths and a serious economic downturn.

Stonington football preview: Josiah Blackman and Dorian White.

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Trump and his Republican cronies have lied and lied and used misinformation to deceive Americans.

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We asked Muroff to tell us what happened.